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Editor-in-Chief of Nature-Photonics Magazine Visited Our School

February 8, 2020

On January 15, Dr. Oliver Graydon, the Editor-in-chief of Nature-Photonics magazine, was invited to visit our school. Wu Jianyong, the Secretary of the School's Party Committee, received the visit. Academician Gu Min from the School of Optical-Electrical and relevant leaders of the school also attended the meeting.

Wu Jianyong first warmly welcomed Dr. Oliver Graydon and introduced our school's long history and strong academic atmosphere. He expressed his gratitude for the successful holding of the master's class on "Nature", and expressed the hope to continue to strengthen the "Nature" series with cooperation of the magazine.
After the talks, accompanied by Academician Gu Min, and the teachers and students of the School of Optical-Electrical, Dr. Oliver Graydon looked around the school to visit and investigate. Liuyi, Vice President of the School of Optical-Electrical introduced the overall situation at the school. The related team leader introduced the research situations in each research center and led Dr. Oliver Graydon to visit the laboratory and held detailed discussions on the "Nature" International Conference to be held in 2020. Dr. Oliver Graydon also was invited to participate in the fifth phase of the “Gezhi Salon” event to exchange scientific research experience and thesis writing skills with many teachers and students of the School of Optical-Electrical.

Later, Dr. Oliver Graydon visited the Hujiang International Cultural Park, and the staff introduced the history of each building in the Hujiang Cultural Park and their external communication functions. Dr. Oliver Graydon spoke highly of such a foreign exchange platform owned by our university and said that he had rarely seen such a fully functional international cultural park at other universities in China.
Dr. Oliver Graydon has worked for the top photonics magazine "Nature-Photonics" for more than a decade. He is currently the Editor-in-chief of the magazine, and has a bachelor's degree in physics from Imperial College London and a doctorate in photoelectron research from the University of Southampton. As an invited guest of the “Masters of Nature” class this time, he visited our school and conducted a two-day training on the writing and publication of scientific and technical literature for the majority of young scientific researchers in our school, and also laid a more solid foundation for the cooperation and exchange between the series "Nature" in the magazine and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

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