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The Institute of Machine Intelligence Unveiled

On the morning of January 8, the 2019 International Symposium on Machine Intelligence was held in USST.

Professor Zhang Jianwei, the initiator of the Institute, introduced in detail the background, present situation, and development plan for the institute. Professor Li Qingdu gave a briefing on the research achievements of the Institute from five aspects: basic research of artificial intelligence, human-computer integration technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, bio-robots and rehabilitation robots.

After the unveiling of the Institute of Machine Intelligence, an advisory committee of experts was set up, which employed the world’s top authoritative scientists in the field to provide guidance, plan the development, and offer suggestions about the training of talents. As the representatives of the first consulting members, Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge, Professor Otthein Herzog and Professor Yuan-Ting Zhang, accepted the appointment of the school and delivered important reports, sharing the latest trends and results of machine intelligence research, putting forward suggestions for the development of the Institute.            

At the meeting, the Institute of Machine Intelligence also released a variety of intelligent technology products, such as high-efficiency dynamic walking biped robot, a walking assistant robot, an intelligent booster, a patrol and security robot, an intelligent home service robot, a commercial service robot, a modular education robot, etc.

Professor Ding Xiaodong, the president, pointed out that the establishment of the Institute of Machine Intelligence is an important step for the university to seize the historical opportunity for the development of artificial intelligence, to meet the needs of national development and to promote the construction of a high-level university. Machine Intelligence, an interdisciplinary research based on artificial intelligence, needs the deep integration of artificial intelligence with other disciplines. On the other hand, machinery manufacturing and medical

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