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Academic Inspiration in Strengthening Talent Pool— Optical-Electrical Experts Convening in USST

On April 27, the first Hujiang Forum for International Young Scholars and the Shanghai Universities Forum for International Young Scholars—Special Session on Optical Engineering was successfully held at USST. Four academicians and some experts participated in the optical-electrical field, some of whom delivered keynote speeches.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, gave a welcome speech in which he reviewed the history of USST and spoke about the future. He pointed out that USST, while moving ahead to build a first-class university for science and technology with distinctive features, gives priority to “Science” and makes “Science” shine more brightly. Meanwhile, he put great emphasis on the achievements of the School of Optical-Engineering and Computer Engineering (OECE) of USST, such as the establishment of the Terahertz International Joint Laboratory with Lomonosov Moscow State University. According to President Ding, USST would provide policy support for the construction of key disciplines including: Optical Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Instrument Engineering and Systems Engineering, especially for Optical Engineering. At the end of the speech, President Ding also called for young scholars at home and abroad to study and conduct research at USST.

President Ding Xiaodong gave a welcome speech at the forum

Li Xinghua, Director of Personal Department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, delivered a speech. He introduced a project that strengthened the talent pool in colleges and universities in Shanghai. He hoped that the forum would serve as a platform for international young scholars to communicate with each other which will attract more talent to Shanghai.

Director Li Xinghua Introduced a project about the talent pool in Shanghai at the forum

Zhuang Songlin, Dean of the OECE and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced: history development, discipline layout, industrial influence and the faculty quality of the OECE. Zhuang claimed that with abundant funds and well-equipped laboratories, the OECE can offer a better environment for scholars’ full development in the path of layered teaching and cooperative projects. Afterwards, four academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Gu Min, Professor Tan Jiubin, Professor Jiang Huilin and Professor Liu Xu respectively delivered speeches in terms of their own research areas.

Academician Zhuang Songlin introduced the OECE at the forum

Academician Gu Min delivered a speech at the forum

Academician Tan Jiubin delivered a speech at the forum

Academician Jiang Huilin delivered a speech at the forum

Meanwhile, young scholars at home and abroad convened here to learn the cutting-edge scientific and technological accomplishments and have a closer contact with industrial leaders. Liu Yuhong, a senior undergraduate at the OCEC, who is interested in Nanophotonics, hoped to seize the opportunity to experience the most advanced science and technology and make preparations for her future research life. Dang Hong, a doctor supervised by Academician Tan in Harbin Institute of Technology intended to learn what industrial leaders studied which may lay a foundation for his own research on ultra—precision photoelectric instrument manufacturing. Hou Lei, Doctor of Science in Université de Bordeaux showed great interest in Professor Gu’s research area. He came to listen to Gu’s report on Artificial-Intelligence Nanophotonics: Coming of Age. According to Dr. Hou, he has heard about USST before. Through the forum, he witnessed USST’s priority on Optical Engineering. He also expressed his wish to come back to a Chinese university for his research. If so, USST could be a great choice!

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