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Ceremony Held in Honor of Contributors to USST in 2019

January 21, 2020

On the afternoon of December 31st, 2020 the “Tribute to Usst-ers” banquet was held at the auditorium at USST. The faculty, staff and student representatives who contributed greatly to USST’s development were invited to attend the banquet and shared their achievements and offered ideas for the development of USST in the coming year.

With the song of the “Voice of USST” jointly sung and played by teachers and students, the banquet was officially unveiled. A thematic video titled “Tributes to Dreamer in 2019”, demonstrated events and achievements on campus in 2019, and depicted Usst-ers, with their strong sense of responsibilities and perseverance, seeking innovation and excellence.

President Ding Xiaodong sent warm greetings. He used “harvest” as the key term to summarize USST’s achievements in talent cultivation, disciplinary research, team building, joint cooperation and management and services. He expressed his sincere thanks and gave a New Year’s greeting to those who care for and support USST, and boost the development of USST. President Ding noted that every Usst-er can make his or her contribution for a better USST. He called on all Usst-ers to work together for the construction of USST as a high-level university of science and technology with unique features.

Prof. Guan Xiao from School of Medical Instrument & Food Engineering, and Li Han, a student from School of Mechanical Engineering sent New Year’s greetings on behalf of the USST faculty and students. They shared their university life stories, efforts and achievements made to serve the country,  gave their heartfelt thanks to USST and showed their great expectations for the future.

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