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Standardization and Testing of Medical Equipment

August 29, 2019

Time: 13:30, September 2, 2019
Location: Room 124, Advanced Manufacturing Buliding
Brief of the Speaker:
Jiahua Huang, Professor  of Engineering, enjoys the special allowance of the state council. Executive  member of NMPA medical device classification technical committee. Director of  the active devices standardization technology committee of China BME. Deputy  director of the national medical appliances standardization technical committee  (TC10), Deputy director of the national medical equipment general requirements  for quality management and standardization technical committee (TC221), Deputy  director of China's food and drug supervision institute of medical equipment  standardization committee, Deputy director of ‘Chinese Medical Device’ Journal,  Vice director of Shanghai BME. He has hosted or participated in 7 scientific  research projects of the ministry of science and technology and provincial and  ministerial level, and won 2 second prizes of Shanghai science and technology  progress award.

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