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Mechanical Engineering Discipline

The Mechanical Engineering Discipline of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology offers master programs in Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Electronic Engineering and Vehicle Engineering (approved in 1984, 1986, 1996, 2006 respectively), as well as doctoral programs of the first-tier discipline since 2011.

The Mechanical Engineering Discipline has established an integrated system for cultivating students of bachelor, master, and doctor degrees. The undergraduate program Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation has been rated as “the National Featured Specialty”, “the Pilot Specialty of Comprehensive Reform for Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation of the Ministry of Education”, and “the Pilot Specialty for Excellent Engineers Education Program of the Ministry of Education”. It has also been ranked as the Undergraduate Education Highland (the second and third phase) of Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Excellent Specialty, and Pilot Specialty of Comprehensive Reform. It passed the accreditation   by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA) in 2017.


It is equipped with key laboratories of precision grinding technology, CNC machine tool optimization technology, and strength & reliability evaluation of chassis parts, Shanghai CNC Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and Shanghai CNC machine tool optimization technology service platform. As one of the 16 governing units of the “High-speed Precision Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for CNC Machine Tools” initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, it also serves as the affiliated unit of the Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Committee of the Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society.


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