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Application Form for International Students

The Chinese Language Preparatory Teaching is a Chinese language teaching program for international students who plan professional study in China’s higher education institutions, which is carried out during February-June (spring semester) and September-January (autumn semester) each year in order to improve the Chinese language competence of international students coming to China and increase their understanding of the Chinese culture, so that their Chinese language proficiency and Chinese cultural awareness could meet the baisic standard required in the entry of Chinese higher education institutions for academic study.

The Chinese Language Preparatory Teaching is carried out in form of intensive education, with one academic year, or two semesters of intensive study. Elementary Chinese courses are taught in the first semester, consisting of 16 weeks, with 20 class hour for each week. The second semester is designed for intermediate Chinese courses, also consisting of 16 weeks, with 20 class hours in each week. An additional 10 weeks (3 class hours per week) are set aside for tutoring courses aimed at passing the HSK test. The curriculum is designed to intensify learners’ Chinese competence in various aspects as listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that the international students could acquire basic Chinese language proficiency in a relatively short period, equip themselves with solid Chinese language communication ability, understand foundamental Chinese humanistic knowledge and build a necessary cross-cultural communication capability. 

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