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International Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing

Established in 2017, the International Laboratory of Addictive Manufacturing of USST was led by Prof. Wu Xinhua and Prof. Yu Aibing, fellows of Australian Academy. The key members include such internationally-renowned scholars as Prof. Rod Boyer, Prof. James C. Williams, Prof. Huang Aijun, Prof. Sossina M. Haile, Professor G. Jeffrey Snyder, Prof. Shao Zongping, Prof. Zhang Bozeng, Prof. Li Mei, Dr. Mei Junfa, Dr. Zhang Kun, Dr. Cao Sheng, and Dr. Zou Yichao. The laboratory focuses its basic scientific inquiry and key technology development on additive manufacturing, aviation, medical devices, and the application of new-energy devices. From the proprietary Materials and technology for additive manufacturing, post-processing and functionalization, and the innovation chain of integrated additive manufacturing with quality assurance, the laboratory aims to become an internationally first-class platform,  for the purpose of playing a leading role in the areas of innovation research and technology application.


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