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Research Match-making Meeting Held in USST

On the afternoon of November 30, a research match-making meeting between the city of Zhangjiagang and USST was held in our school. Present at the meeting was a delegation of more than 50 led by Hu Xinhua, the Deputy Mayor. The attendees of our school included Liu Ping, the Deputy-principal, and other leaders as well as representatives of relevant departments and schools.

Liu Ping, on behalf of the school, warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the historical development of USST and the features of its scientific research. He noted that USST excels in science and engineering disciplines. With a firm foundation for cooperation with enterprises in Zhangjiagang, the disciplines of optoelectronics, medical instrument, food engineering, materials and engineering could have even further and deeper academic exchanges, thus stimulating the chain of innovation chain and by talents in the chain, and also enhancing the chain of industries with the chain of innovation, which would ultimately result in a harmonious development in the industries, in the university and related research. Hu Xinhua introduced the basic information and industrial characteristics of Zhangjiagang City. He hoped to give full play to the functions of the government, enterprises and research institutions in universities by jointly building research and development platforms and tackling collectively key technological issues. Taking this match-making as an opportunity, he planned to make use of the strong scientific research of USST to build an industrial cluster of its own features, so as to realize scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the city.


During the meeting, several cooperation agreements between schools of USST and companies of the city were signed and entrepreneurs had an in-depth exchange with professors of relevant schools concerning their urgent technological needs.

One of the strongest county-level cities in China, Zhangjiagang has been the top level among its peers and has made remarkable achievements in the fields of economy, culture and finance. The municipal government lays stress on scientific and technological innovation and implements a strategy that focuses on talents. Since a long time ago, the city has maintained a firm strategic cooperation with USST in science and technology, and we share a high degree of consensus on the cooperation of industry, university and research.



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