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USST Students Win Special Awards in Shanghai’s Competition

From Dec. 1 to 2, the 8th Shanghai Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition (the preliminary for the 6th National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition) was held in Shanghai Dianji Universtiy (Lin’gang Campus). Three USST teams, led by Zhang Jingyang and other teachers of the engineering training center, took part in the competition. The team of Qian Difei, Zhu Chunyu and Shen Lingxin won a special award in the “Carbon-Free Car Obstacle Race”. The other two teams won the second prize and the third prize respectively.


Performing in the Competition

Sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee and co-organized by the Committee of Engineering Practice and Teaching of the Shanghai Association of Higher Education, the competition attracted more than 500 participants of 84 teams from 16 universities in Shanghai. With a historically largest number of both the universities and teams participating, the competition involved an intense competition.

Under the support and leadership of the Academic Affairs Office, teachers of the Engineering Training Center organized the preliminary contest in USST. The three winning teams, of students from the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, took part in the municipal final contest. In the competition, the judges were profoundly impressed by their excellent engineering quality, quick response, and active cooperation.

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