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USST won the third place in National College Students’ Futsal Competition

On December 26, 2018, the finals competitions of China Kelme College Futsal League was unveiled in Shanghai University of Engineering Science. For the first time in history, the team of USST joined the competition as the third-place player of the Southeast Division.

In the finals, facing strong opponents, our team successively defeated the Xinjiang Normal University team, the champion of the Southwest Division, and the Beijing Sports University team, the champion of Northeast Division. With their reversal of disadvantages, our team became one of the top 8 teams of the country.

In the elimination contest which chooses the top 4 teams, our team was losing at first. With a score of 0:3, they struggled to bring the score to 5:5, thus going into overtime. In the final stage, the team members overcame the psychological and physical challenges and ended the game with a score of 7:6, historically ranking among the top 4 in China.

In the semi-final match, our team was defeated by the Hubei University team. But in the match for the third place, the USST team won against the China Agricultural University team.

It is reported that over 162 colleges and universities in China have high-level football teams. It is indeed a great deed for the USST team to enter the national finals and eventually won third place.

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