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Translation and Compilation Assistants Drive USST's English Website

To make USST’s English website better, a team made up of 10 graduates and 3 undergraduates has been organized. The team responsible for some interviews and editing is divided into three groups. Here is an introduction of all the team members.

Translation and Compilation Assistant Team Meeting

Group 1
From the very beginning, we were just strangers by the road side. We have different majors, ages, genders and most importantly, different ambitions. We are entitled with many awards and have been ushered into the spectacular world of exploration. And now, we share the same name: The Translation and Compilation Assistants of USST’s English Website.
Alan comes from the Business School, who was once an escort interpreter for the CUHK MBA Shanghai Trek and was a translator for the TAOL Environmental Protection Organization. He has got several English certificates including the CET-4 (644) and CET-6 (624).
As for Krystal, she is in the College of Foreign Languages, she has ever taken a job as an online translation intern for China Daily and was the escort interpreter for the Frankfurt Automobile Parts Exhibition. She has got the English certificate of TEM-8.
And Effie is also a student of the College of Foreign Languages. She has taken part in a number of contests, which include: the NECCS and some other school-level English writing contests. Some of her achievements are outstanding, such as the third prize for the NECCS at the national level.
As for the last member, Amber, she is really interested in the foreign cultures. The experience of communicating with exchange students from Holland and standing as a volunteer for CIIE has given her the chance to feel the pulse of different cultures.
“Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us,” is a line from Interstellar, one of my favorite movies. Just like the silent universe and luminous stars in the galaxy, we stare at the sky and keep moving.

By Group Leader, Alan Zhang


Group 2
As part of the whole editorial team, the members of our group come from different schools and majors. We wish to be creative, competent and dedicated journalists for USST’s English website.
Zoe, a freshman graduate majoring in Linguistics, has good command of three languages--Mandarin, English and German. As a part-time interpreter and translator, she has served for many foreign officials and tourists, and several translation companies. She also volunteered for many international conferences such as the 2014 APEC Meeting, the China International Consumer Electronics Expo and the 2018 China International Import Expo.
Navy, a sophomore in Business School, majors in International Economics and Trade. He has great interests and passion in anything related to English and he thinks it meaningful to be involved in this team with so many talented and hard-working friends.
Joyce majors in MTI and has a CATTI 3 certificate. As a volunteer, she has served for a few international and national conferences. On the way to become a great translator and journalist she is determined and hard-working. 
Chen Cong, a freshman graduate, majors in MTI at the College of Foreign Languages. She is a cheerful and lively girl. And she loves translation and compilation and aspires to be a bilingual reporter in the future.
It is very meaningful for all of us to experience different feelings when interacting with different regions, different people and different activities. We all enjoy the process of interviewing and writing news because we can communicate with others and broaden our horizons. We are ready to put what we’ve learned into practice and devote ourselves to the team.

By Group Leader Zoe Liu

Group 3

We are Translation and Compilation Assistants of USST’s website in Group 3 made up of 4 members.
Pepper, the group leader, a freshman graduate student in College of Foreign Languages who majors in English Translation and is energetic and thirsty for knowledge. She has got the TEM8 and CATTI 3 certificates. She is very fascinated with science fiction and detective movies.
Angela, one of the most talented of the group members, majors in English Language and Literature at the College of Foreign Languages. She has got the TEM8 as well as the Shanghai Advanced-level English Interpretation Post-Credential Certificate. Being experienced in translation and interpretation with an internship the China Daily iNews Department in instrument exhibitions, she had been a journalist in the Foreign Language College for one year and established a radio program with partners.
Amanda, a schoolmate of Pepper, is a very placid and serious-minded girl with rich experience in interpreting. During her undergraduate studies, she got the TEM8 certificate. She has also been a volunteer at the FIBA World Cup in 2019.
Toy, the youngest member of the group, is a sophomore majoring in EST at the College of Foreign Languages. Being young but knowledgeable and modest, she defines herself as a mission-holder and a lifelong-learner.
We are tied together and always hold on the listed principles being: cooperation, patience, insistence and efficiency. We truly hope that something meaningful can be reached through our studious teamwork. Maugham once said: “Whenever you have an aim, you must sacrifice something of freedom to attain it.” Group 3 is ready to do that!

By Group Leader Pepper Gong


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