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Flag Football Championship Won by DTFFT

May 5, 2019

At 2:00 p.m., April 23, the final of the 2019 Shanghai College Flag Football Tournament (SCFFT) was kicked off at the stadium of USST at the 1100 campus. The USST team hosted the game against its counterpart from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM). After a fierce competition, USST won the game with a final score of 21 to 19. The USST team became the champion with six consecutive wins. Thus, the USST team has won the championship four times in a row. Before the game, the fans had high expectations for USST to win its fourth consecutive championship. The USST team did not let the fans down, and defended its position in the College Flag Football game.

Flag football is a newly introduced team sport program. Since USST began P.E. education for flag football in 2012, and the Dump Truck Flag Football Association was established on campus, the USST team has won numerous titles such as multi-runner-up in NFL National Finals, and champions in the Shanghai Division, and four-time champion in the SCFFT. The championship in the 2019 SCFFT sets the record. All the accomplishments are the fruits of the professional guidance of faculty members of the P.E Department, and due to the tenacity, perseverance and team spirit of our players. In the past seven years, with unreserved support from the administration, coupled with the joint efforts from faculty members and players, the Flag Football Program is now a unique and essential part of campus sports activities. Moreover, the sportsmanship of its players has motivated every student to be a stronger and better person.

Dump Truck Flag Football Team (DTFFT) is an important part of the strategy of building high-level sports teams on campus. With the aim to enhancing the physical and mental vigor of USST-ers, we will focus our attention on on-campus sports activities, and make concerted efforts to boost the reputation of USST, and to cultivate a culture of being resilient, tenacious and competitive on campus, thus, making our share of contributions to the overall strategy of building a high-level university.

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