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Qiu Yilin and His Math World

May 15, 2019

Qiu Yilin, an undergraduate from Sino-British College of USST, stood out from 140,000 Math superiors. He won the first prize in the National 10th Mathematics Competition. This science student interprets his difference as a youth at the USST campus.
Welcome to Magical Math World
The extreme beauty of Math can be seen in life and nature. He believes: “In most people’s eyes, Math looks boring. However, unlike the mathematical formula, it is usually around us. Through quantitative relations, we can describe the changes and laws of things; in knowledge frameworks, we can think of anything in a divergent way. We can associate one point with many other points to find out solutions when confronted with hard issues.” It is his interest that guides himself to explore the magical math world. He has participated in different competitions such as USST’s “Science Star” mathematical competition and the Shanghai 9th “Higher Education Press Cup” mathematical competition.
Beginning at 6:00 a.m. at USST Campus
Whether bitterly cold or extremely hot, he always gets up at 6 am, and then runs to begin a day. “Most people tend to slack off when they go to college, but he leaves the dorm every early morning and comes back from library when it is 10 p.m.. He is admirable in terms of his assiduous spirit which contributes to the learning atmosphere in the dorm.” His roommate told us. Qiu Yilin said: “Developing good learning habits is important, just as I often schedule my plans every one week, or make some small adjustments according to my learning process. At the same time, I will sort out what I fail to do or what I need another method to do better, which helps me to strengthen my knowledge points and find shortcomings while revising.”
Integrating Humanistic Sensibilities into a Regular Formula
The pursuit of math doesn’t mean seeking nothing but a regular formula in life. He regards himself as an untypical science student. He is curious about the knowledge of different fields varying from professional electrical technology, cultural geography to politics and current events. In addition to reading magazines, he also reads at least 30 or 40 books about literature, history and philosophy each semester. He often attends different kinds of lectures and cultural activities at the USST campus. When he is free, he is also fond of reading poems.

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