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The Network Cultural Festival Concluded and 2019 Campus Cultural Projects Launched at USST

May 24, 2019

On the afternoon of May 16th, the Network Cultural Festival was concluded and 2019 campus cultural projects were launched at USST. The activity awarded: the Top 10 Websites, Top 10 New Media and other excellent new media at USST in 2018. At the same time, translation and compilation assistants of USST’s English website, and council members of the micro circle at USST—USST’s New Media Union were awarded letters of appointment.

Since USST’s English website was released on Jan 9, 2019, it has received a lot of attention from all sides. To elevate the originality of news on USST’s English website, and cultivate a group of student English journalists, the Department of Communication organized a team made up of translation and compilation assistants who reported, interviewed new academic stars, outstanding teachers, excellent students and other members of our campus culture. Awarding translation and compilation assistants certificates helps to normalize the management of students and improve the quality of original news offered on the English website. Until May 16th, it can be seen from the top 10 news ranked by the number of clicks, original news was more popular. Some specific information is listed below:





Dr. SEED is Looking Forward to “Seeding” at USST



First Hujiang International Young Scholars Forum of   USST



Teaching Goes Together with Pleasure: Dr. Hartridge’s 7   years



USST Football Team — Some Secrets Hidden behind Goals



Dr. An Concentrates on the Paper-based Immunosensors   Field



Translation and Compilation Assistants Drive USST's   English Website



Kongfu with Ink Brush: Wisdom Embraced in Chinese   Calligraphy



2019 Graduate Student Commencement Held at USST



Dr. Zhang Xiaodong Dedicates Himself to Environmental   Protection



Happy USST 2019 Spring Festival Celebration Held


The micro circle at USST comprises USST’s official news media,with the aim to promote information exchange, resource sharing, and positive interaction. The establishment of the union upgrades discourse system and the management mind of campus media, drives the convergence and development of campus media, and enlarges the mainstream opinion and map of influence. Liu Daoping, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection of USST, Zhang Zhiwei, Vice Director of the Research Center for Network Cultural Development of Municipal Education System, Ye Lei, Minister of the Department of Communication and other representatives of USST’s New Media Union: Niu Xiangyu, Wei Dong, Chen Haijin and Wu Jianan --announced the official establishment of USST’s New Media Union by sprinkling sands to make “USST micro circle — USST’s New Media Union established” and has appeared.

Liu Daoping pointed out that to foster USST’s network cultures, all secondary media units should define the position and direction and center on the characteristic of construction, avoiding redundant construction; branding effects should be paid attention to in the network culture construction for building a network as a cultural boutique; USST should give full-play to the polymerization of the New Media Union and a melted media center to gather strength. He hoped that guided by the principle of transferring knowledge and cultivating students, USST’s network and cultural studio would carry forward the network of education.

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