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A Letter to 2019 Graduates

Time flies. The graduate wall has been built on the green grass; graduates in bachelors’ gowns appear on Zhanen Avenue.
When you receive your application certificate, you start your life at USST. The school motto of “integrity, righteousness, diligence, love, pondering, learning, aspiration, ambition” has been integrated into your spiritual traits: you take hurried steps to classes on Zhanen Avenue; you are thirsty for knowledge in the library; you demonstrate excellent performance on the stage during the concert. Some of you are the winners of the World HAVC Student Competition, the RoboMasters, the SSFL (Shanghai Student Football League); some of you have been outstanding in the “Challenge Cup”, the “Internet Plus” Competition, the CUMCM (China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling), the NECCS (National English Competition for College Students); others even own invention patents and have achieved technological innovation results. You lighten USST, and are the glory of USST.
USST has recorded your green life during which time you have been a witness,  and you have been involved in and promoted the development of USST. USST seizes this historical opportunity for the construction of a high-level university in Shanghai, appealing to the national strategy for manufacturing power, building top 5 first-class disciplines, striving to be an innovation leader on the frontline of applied research in biomedical engineering and civil-military integration, promoting the concept of“Three-Full Education”and educational internalization by building the talent plateau when returning to the educational origin, making the leapfrog of development of the USST echo with your personal growth. All USST-ers are glad to work hard and pursue their dreams. Now, with more confidence and motivation we are nearer to the dream than at any other time. In the coming future, each of us will be more proud of USST.
You are lucky in this era. The 19th National Congress was successfully held; the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up and the 100th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement were commemorated; socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era; China embraced the transformation from a rich country to a strong country. The CIIE (China International Import Expo) was successfully held; the military parade went smoothly on July 30, 2017; some major technological achievements like: Tiangong, Jiaolong, Tianyan, Wukong, Mozi and the independent helicopter were launched, breaking a record for Chinese technological progress. The “Belt & Road” Program connects the Chinese dream with world’s expectations. You should shoulder responsibilities when China rises up. A beautiful picture has been in your eyes, requiring you to draw upon it with young wisdom and strength.
In the past, you got together at USST with strong ambitions. Nowadays, you rush in all directions with devotion to family and country. No matter where you go, USST is always around you.
Best wishes to all graduates!

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