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Many Scientific Achievements of USST Unveiled at the 21st CIIF

September 30, 2019

On September 17, 2019, the 21st CIIF (China International Industry Fair) opened at the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Closely following the theme of the Fair, USST showcased its nine major original scientific achievements, such as “FMC unmanned factory”, “Naked-Eye 3D Image Operation Display System”, “UAV VR panoramic real-time video live broadcast system”, “portable dental detector”, “intelligent pen type multi-meter based on cloud data management”, “ new surface film for medical equipment”, “Genetic Doping Test”, “TA-CR200 terahertz liquid composition detector”, and “TA-CT200 terahertz Chinese herbal medicine detector”, which focus on the construction of a high-level university with the purpose of “enhancing social influence and serving the high-level construction”, and demonstrate USST’s major scientific achievements in medicine-engineering as well as Manufacturing Intelligence.

In the exhibition hall of USST, the “FMC unmanned factory,” co-developed by Li Haolin’s team from the School of Mechanical Engineering, USST, and Shanghai Ruiduo Automation Co. Ltd., is an ecological chain system of unmanned factories, composed of a series of core functional modules based on the current requirements of manufacturing intelligence and flexible production of factories. The system can not only save labor cost, but also improve the efficiency of mechanical manufacturing.
Currently, AGV handling robot is taking the lead in China, as many parts are the latest inventions in the system such as the quick change power head, the flexible grinding head, and the flexible toolkit of the mechanical hand. The  “UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) VR panoramic real-time video live broadcast system”, developed by Xia Kun’s team for the special requirements of broadcasting VR live, designed from four aspects such as the UAV overall structure, 4k high-definition video wireless transmission module, VR panoramic camera cloud stability and augmentation deck as well as streaming media server, has broken more than 10 technical problems like the VR panoramic image real-time synthesis on the air, and proposed the overall scheme of VR panoramic aerial broadcast live for the  first time.

“FMC unmanned factory” co-developed by Li Haolin’s team from the School of Mechanical Engineering, USST

“The new surface film of the medical equipment”, developed by Ma Fengcang’s team from the School of Material Science and Engineering, USST, can be applied to the titanium alloy/aluminum alloy medical instrument oxidation coloring membrane layer to distinguish product models, to achieve vascularization and bone conductible titanium alloy artificial joint porous membrane layers, to induce and realize titanium alloy artificial joint hydroxyapatite membrane layers bone growth and bone integration, titanium nitride (TiN) with high hardness and high wear resistance as well as DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) membrane layers. “Dental detective or portable oral detector”, developed by Wang Cheng’s team from the School of Medical Instruments & Food Engineering, USST, which integrates auto-fluorescence technology and digital oral endoscope technology, can accurately locate invisible dental plaques to provide non-invasive, accurate and quantitative optical diagnosis for accurate prevention and control of caries. At the same time, the detector provides such services as online dentist service, and dental health records inquiry, build up a reliable and intelligent dental health management service platform through the Internet to offer accurate, efficient dental health services.
CIIF, which has always practiced the idea of development by innovation and promoted the in-depth integration of science and technology with social economy, is one of the important carriers for the construction of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center with a global influence. It is also one of the exhibitions with the largest scale, the most comprehensive functions and the highest level of innovation in the field of industrial economy in China. Here, the exhibition area of universities can fully reflect the sci-tech innovation ability of domestic universities and the results of industry-university-research cooperation. Over the years, USST has always made full use of the CIIF platform to demonstrate our sci-tech innovation level and the achievements of our scientific research teams, enhancing our social influence and facilitating the transformation of our sci-tech achievements.

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