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2020 New Year's Message from USST

January 1, 2020

Year 2020 is coming. May USSTers happy new year!

With glorious 70-year history of the People’s Republic of China, guided by the theme of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, all the Ussters have kept our patriotism and the belief that China will be more prosperous, and made concerted efforts to promote the construction of high-level university. In 2019, based on the principle of strengthening moral education and cultivating talents, we have promoted “Three-wide Education”. Until now, USST has been selected into “Shanghai Curriculum Ideological and Political Leadership Plan” and won two “Model Party Branches of National Party Construction”. We won the national gold medal in “Internet plus” entrepreneurship and innovation competition, and the first prize in "Challenge Cup"-national extracurricular academic competition for college students


We have taken the initiative to align our national strategies, jointly initiated the “Hangzhou Initiative” to serve the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and jointly initiated the establishment of science and technology parks alliance of higher engineering education universities in Yangtze River Delta. We conduct a variety of researches, from nano photons to deep-sea equipment, from minimally invasive medical technology to people’s dining tables, and from national economy to rural revitalization, etc. We are committed to improving the national economy and people’s livelihood through “sophisticated” technology. With a commitment to the development of plateau discipline, we have gained a series of breakthroughs. The number of projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China hit a record high. Chemistry Science has been the third discipline to be ranked among top 1% of ESI, following engineering science and materials science. USST scholar has been selected as Highly Cited Scientist of 2019 for the first time. Adhering to researches based on China’s reality and the latest development of various industries, we have been among the first batches of Base for the transformation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements in institutions of higher education. In addition, we have worked with Yangpu District to establish a fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
We continue to make exchanges with more counterparts around the world. In 2019, we have launched the medical equipment and application union for countries along the Belt and Road and established a multi-tiered and multi-type international cooperation network with famous universities around the world. The hard work of our faculties, the pursuit for truth of Ussters and the support of companies make us stand out on the world stage. It is the joint efforts made by all people at USST that elevate, accelerate, and fuel USST. Give the thumb-up to these respectable persons at USST!

Behind the glorious "Harvest Festival" at USST, reforms and innovations spring through the campus: we created a large-category enrollment and upgrading version of talents cultivation, promoted the "Four Courses, One System" public course reform, and implemented a series of "New Engineering" education and practical measures such as honor degrees, project courses and the School of Industry and Technology. A new type of head teacher system has been implemented, and the influence of the "new era, newer China" has been radiated to primary and secondary schools and universities in the Yangtze River Delta; we have upgraded the integration of disciplines into the school strategy to promote cross-disciplinary innovations led by medical-industrial innovation, and artificial intelligence, etc. We build a team of high-level teacher resources to promote the reform of the personnel system, so that every struggler can enjoy the happiness; we formulate a scientific and effective school performance management index system, and form the "USST standard" of discipline construction; we promote the construction of infrastructure and smart campus. Classical and modern education spaces are to take shape; Through our efficient reaction to concerns and regularization, and the activities as "Floor Sweep Activity", "USST Food Festival", we continuously improve the level of precise management with great efforts. In the journey of tackling difficulties, we have never lacked the courage and perseverance of self-struggle and self-revolution., which is rooted in the depth of our soul. It is the deepest and greatest strength that USST relies on. Pay tributes to the most respectable people at USST!
Year 2020 is about to embrace a moderately well-off society in all aspects under the leadership of CPC after nearly one-hundred-year struggle, and also conclude the 13th Five-Year Plan. Year 2020 is also about to build 4 centers of Shanghai, establish the framework of Shanghai science and technology innovation center, and take the lead in achieving educational modernization in Shanghai and reap in the first round of Shanghai High-level University Construction. All the achievements are the result of persistent efforts, and all the undertakings are carried forward by following the tradition and are forging ahead in the future. The new era leaves a great number of chances. USST is marching towards its dreams. We are facing a tougher road in the process of development. At the critical time when we have to strive on, slip back in case, we would be more unyielding and courageous to tackle difficulties in the reform and development, more diligent and ambitious to speed up the entrepreneurship. We would pursue mutual progress by coordinated innovation, opening-up policy, and the cooperation among sectors. Every Usster will be the witness and achiever of the unique scenery at USST by shaping the best view along the road for our dream. A leading and distinguished university for science and technology is determined to fulfill its great potential. Fuel up! The most lovely Ussters.

Year 2020 is coming, USSTers would be the early birds to catch every golden opportunity to color a gorgeous USST scenery.

Wu Jianyong

Secretary of CPC  University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Committee

Ding Xiaodong

President of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 

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