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College Student Lecturer Qualification Competition Held

January 6, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited By 张柳

On the afternoon of Dec 18th, the finale of “New Era, Newer China” College Student Lecturer Qualification Competition, especially for clubs, was held at the Auditorium of USST. 8 teams stood out of 25 clubs to compete for USST student lecturers. The final artistically reflected young vigour and their responsibilities in the new era utilizing short videos, youths’ speeches, refined announcements, and the scene plays among others.

From theory to practice, students gathered in their clubs with the same faith and there began to demonstrate their young energies. At the stage, they affectionately told their stories about dream-pursuing journeys, showing their sentiments and responsibilities as student lecturers. Some of them focused on-campus media and devoted themselves to telling USST stories, shaping USST image, and playing the USST strong notes; some conveyed military cultures, advocated patriotic spirits, nourished original aspiration of safeguarding countries, and highlighted patriotic melodies; also some bore The Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in mind and transferred it into practice for cultivating young people who take on responsibilities in the new era.

“We hope to guide students in educating themselves and increasing their awareness and abilities to serve society and the country, facilitating the power of clubs to educate people,” said USST President Ding Xiaodong.

Zhang Bo’an, former  deputy director of Shanghai Education TV Station, and Shanghai Education Press said,” 8 teams who joined in the competition fully reflected the extent of clubs, deep thoughts and enthusiasm of students. The talks reflected perfect integration of sensibility and rationality, organic combination of narration and reasoning, the perfect fusion of practice and feelings, and fully demonstrated the communication between clubs and society, personal growth and national strategies and great prospects for personal growth into talents.”

Yin Jieru, a graduate from College of Marxism recalled that to better show the club, the supervisor personally led 4 members to keep practising. Rewriting copies, adjusting speech rates, and appearances and body languages seem the compulsory lesson for everyday practice. Until the final eve, team members still kept improving performance effects. When they heard the final result, they thought it worthwhile to devote days and nights to the competition. “Copies and PPT slides have been rewritten for several times, accounting for the majority of our extracurricular time, and we often caught the last time to return to dormitories. We are nervous about the final effects. We hope to pass on the responsibilities of young people by telling stories about military camps,” said Zhao Yubo, a student from USST military regiment club.

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