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A Dinner Party Held to Welcome Chinese New Year

January 24, 2020

On January 16th, a dinner party was held for students who stayed at the USST campus during winter vocation. Faculty and students got together to welcome the Chinese New Year.

During the party, Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the CPC of USST, sent New Year’s greetings and best wishes to students who would stay at campus and faculty & staff from all the departments who were serving for students. He noted that it was a joint effort from all USSTers over the past year that contributed to the leap-forward of development for USST. The school will also be home to students, and teachers that are concerned about their studies and lives at all times. There was a well-prepared party and New Year’s Eve dinner for them. And they also will be provided with delicious food during the Chinese New Year. Wu wished that students who stayed at school should have an enjoyable and peaceful winter vacation. In addition, Wu advised that students should keep in contact with their families in their hometowns, pay attention to personal safety and property security, reasonably make plans for study and life, to be an excellent USSTer with dreams, and have the spirit of innovation to fight on.

The arts show organized by the School of Mechanical Engineering showed wonderful scenes. In the first chapter: “Happiness · Dream-chasers”, there was a modern dance that showed young vigor, an opera with ancient attraction and a traditional cross talk, as well as a karate demonstration that showed sportsmanship. In the second chapter: “Happiness · One Family”, there was a wonderful magic show, beautiful songs performed together by faculty and students, and an energetic dance performed by minority students as well as foreign students. In the last chapter: “Happiness · Chinese Dream”, those students who joined the army, volunteered in western China and worked in border poor areas sent their blessings to USST. At last, “New Area, Newer China” and “We Are All Dream-pursuers” were jointly performed by faculty and students demonstrated the spirit of USSTers in bravely pursuing their dreams.

President Ding Xiaodong pointed out that USST entered a “Double First-Class” university of Shanghai in 2018, and continued to make breakthroughs and achievements in many fields in 2019. This year, USST would enter a new stage of development.

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