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USST introduces new B.A. programs: AI and Rehabilitation Engineering

March 27, 2020

The Ministry of Education has released the list of 2019-newly-approved undergraduate programs. USST will have two new B.A. programs: AI and Rehabilitation. Therefore, the university now boasts 60 undergraduate programs.
In order to update the current engineering disciplines, to meet the challenges posed by the ongoing revolution in science and technology, and to cater to the national strategy of the innovation-driven development, USST has focused on the goal of building a first-class polytechnic university with its own characteristics. USST takes the high-level university construction as an opportunity to connect with such cutting-edge technologies as big data technology, Internet + and artificial intelligence. Coupled with its advantages in artificial intelligence, nano-photonics, machine intelligence etc., USST lays out a blueprint for AI talent training programs and AI applications. USST promotes the development of its engineering-oriented education with the introduction of new engineering disciplines, deepens the reform of talent training models with project-based courses, and advances the cultivation high-level talents in the field of AI. It targets at the forefront of the world's science and technology, conducts frontline research, and cultivates interdisciplinary  talents in coordination with on-and –off campus resources.
  In the process of exploring the cultivation mode of medical-engineering interdisciplinary talents, the school seizes the high ground based on smart medical optics, and jointly establishes the "Medical-engineering interdisciplinary Innovation Institute" with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, with the view to creating a platform for innovative talents and outstanding doctors and engineers. The newly approved rehabilitation engineering major falls into the category of biomedical engineering, which is an interdisciplinary subject of rehabilitation medicine and engineering technology.  The Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology Research Institute is academically supported by five domestic academic organizations, such as the "Rehabilitation Apparatus Committee of the China Association of Assistive Products" "Technical Transformation of China Rehabilitation Medical Institution and Industry Promotion Special Committee ”. These five academic organizations are also the anchor units of the Asian Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology Alliance. Rehabilitation engineering major emphasizes the combination of medical and engineering, and aims to train students with the knowledge and abilities to solve practical problems in medical technology. The career potentials of graduates covers numerous fields such as research and development of rehabilitation aids, manufacturing enterprises, various rehabilitation medical institutions, and disability assistance institutions. These graduates could meet the different needs for talents in the field of rehabilitation, and will play an important role in promoting the development of rehabilitation medicine and rehabilitation industry in China.

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