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USST Links Cooperation Agreement with Qingpu

June 6, 2020 | By Lu Wen | Zhang Liu

On the morning of May 27, a ceremony for the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between USST and the Qingpu District People's Government was held to further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides, fully promote the exchange and sharing of advantageous resources, and better serve the transformation and upgrading of regional development.
At the signing ceremony, USST President Ding Xiaodong and Yu Xufeng, Governor of Qingpu District signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

Zhao Huiqin, Secretary of the CPC District Committee, pointed out that USST and Qingpu have built a long-standing partnership and laid a good cooperation foundation. The strategic cooperation between the district and the university is complementary both in advantage and resource integration. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is bound to bring a more powerful impetus to the development of Qingpu, and also will enhance the confidence and determination of Qingpu's development. Zhao Huiqin hoped that the two sides could further cement cooperation, and promote mutual benefit and win-win results. At the same time, it was hoped that USST would give full play to its resource advantages and provide more excellent talents for the development of Qingpu. The CPC Qingpu District Committee and the district government will spare no effort in service guarantee work and support the development of USST.

Zhao Huiqin, Secretary of the CPC District Committee, addressed a speech at the signing ceremony

On behalf of the school, Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party Committee of USST, appreciated Qingpu District for its support and assistance to the development of the school, and briefly reviewed the history of USST’s cooperation with Qingpu District. He pointed out that USST has always adhered to the "Two Circles" and advanced distinctive and differentiated development. On the one hand, it has always focused on the strategy of serving the development of the country and Shanghai, serving the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, centered around three strategic directions of "integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine" to conduct discipline layouts and carry out scientific research. On the other hand, USST has always focused on the need for industry development, and has unique advantages in services for advanced manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries, focusing on a close connection between the scientific and technological innovation chain and the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. Wu noted that through deepening cooperation, USST will closely rely on Qingpu District to make due contributions to the national strategy of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta, actively serve the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of Qingpu District, and promote the high-quality development of the regional economy, reflecting a sense of the responsibility of universities in Shanghai.

Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party Committee of USST, addressed a speech at the signing ceremony

Before the meeting, Wu Jianyong and his entourage, accompanied by Yu Xufeng, investigated Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited and Qingpu Huancheng Water System Park (Water City Gate), and experienced the eco-social development and urban appearance of Qingpu.

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