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Prof. Dengguang YU Makes A Series of Achievements in Preparation of Electro-hydrodynamics Materials

June 22, 2020

In recent years, Prof. Dengguang YU from School of Materials Science and Engineering led his research team “Preparation of electro-hydrodynamics Materials” to make a series of achievements in the area of multi-fluid high voltage electro-spinning. New technologies will make it possible for supplies of complex nanometer structure and to establish a new structure-function-utility relationship based on the nanometer structure, which provides room for the research and development of functional nanometer materials.
The “Preparation of electro-hydrodynamics Materials” team was in charge of Prof. Dengguang YU and was made up of another 4 young teachers. Prof YU has presided over 10 projects in the past 10 years since he came to teach in USST in 2011. He also has published 150 papers including 120 SCI papers among which 25 are highly cited in ESI 1%. Focused on the development and application of electro-hydrodynamics technologies, the team has possessed nearly 20 relative technologies which internationally play a crucial role. The team also establishes friendly partnership with many universities in London, Hongkong and some other areas throughout the world.
“Scientific research is a special social activity characterized by attributes of nature and society. On one hand, it allows researchers to explore world, nature, and unknowns and seek the truth and reality. On the other hand, it links with society and meets people for a better life. Scientific researchers should have the quality of perseverance and could constantly perfect their skills,” said Prof. YU.
He also offers some advice to the personal development of college students. He believes what university students really lack are professional practice and innovation abilities which are yet fundamental for students’ academic activities. Improving professional abilities should be based on the theory learning and then students can make up teams to conduct pair experiment and relative comprehensive practices.

An Introduction of Recent Research Achievents of Prof. Dengguang YU


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