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USST Graduates Won First Prize in China Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition Final

October 18, 2022

On September 25th, the national final of the 17th China Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition was held online. More than 1700 students from 579 teams of 149 participant members entered for the final with their latest electronic research achievements and smart hardware products. As a top competition in the field of electronic design, China Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition has been a part of China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions. The final was directed by Degree Management and Graduate Education of MOE, and hosted by Chinese Institute of Electronics, Chinese Society of Graduate Education and Youth Science Center of Chinese Association for Science and Technology.
With joint efforts from supervisors and all team members, USST teams won 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 2 third prizes in business proposal programs; USST teams won 2 second prizes, 2 third prizes in technical programs. USST was also awarded the national outstanding excellent award.
From July 30th to 31th, online final (Shanghai)was held. Altogether 38 USST technical teams joined in the final. Among them 7 teams won the first prize. The number of teams winning the first prize and advancing to the final reaches the same as last year’s, both ranking top among Shanghai universities.
China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions have been series platforms for our school graduates’ innovation activities ,  and are headed by Graduate Department, organized by School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and School of Mechanical Engineering. Since it opened in 2022, all departments overcame the impacts of the epidemic, and held campus trials and some technical online lectures, ensuring the achievement of graduates in the innovation and entrepreneurship practice activity.

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