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Andrius Baltuska Appointed as USST Honorary Professor

February 24, 2023

On February 21, Andrius Baltuska, an academician of Vienna University of Technology, was appointed as USST honorary professor and gave an academic lecture to all the students and teachers on the campus.
At the honorary professorship ceremony, President Prof. Ding Xiaodong delivered a welcome speech and presented an honorary professorship certificate to Academician Andrius Baltuska. Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Prof. Sheng Chun presided over the ceremony. The directors of the President Office, Human Resource Office, Institute of Science and Technology Development, Graduate School, International Affairs Office, School of Optoelectronic Information and Computer Engineering (SOICE), and representatives of young key teachers of SOICE attended the ceremony. Prof. Liu Baolin, Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development, and Prof. Liu Yi, Vice Dean of the SOICE, introduced the brief scientific research situation of USST and the scientific discipline construction progress of SOICE to the guest respectively.
Afterwards, a topic lecture titled "Academic Report by Academician Andrius Baltuska, Austrian Academy of Sciences & Cooperation Exchange Seminar" was held. The Dean of SOICE, Chinese Academician Prof. Zhuang Songlin, said in his speech that the in-depth cooperation with the team of Academician Andrius Baltuska will promote the international research cooperation in the field of strong laser technology, accelerate the construction of optical engineering disciplines, and provide new momentum for the construction of a high-level university. The Science and Technology Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, Mr. Lei Fengyun, and the science and technology diplomats of the Embassy highly praised the achievements of the long-term practical cooperation between Academician Andrius Baltuska and the research team of USST. Mr. Lei Fengyun expressed his expectation that the SOICE of USST and the Institute of Photonics of Vienna University of Technology will carry out more in-depth cooperation and play a more active and powerful role in promoting the innovative development of "One Belt, One Road" and serving to build a community of human destiny.
Academician Andrius Baltuska gave a lecture entitled "High-Energy High-Peak-Power Mid-Infrared Frequency Conversion and Applications". He started from the development of strong laser technology, focusing on the development of high-energy mid- and far-infrared laser technology, and the new physical phenomena and laws that drive it, especially the latest research progress in extreme nonlinear optics, air lasers, atmospheric remote sensing, and high-energy terahertz radiation generation. After the presentation, Academician Andrius Baltuska had an in-depth exchange and discussion with the students and faculty members on the fundamental issues and the latest progress in the field of ultra-intense ultrafast lasers. The academic exchange not only broadened the academic horizons of the students and teachers, but also helped to improve the understanding and integration between the research teams of USST and Vienna University of Technology, laying a good foundation for the subsequent cooperation and win-win development between the two sides.
It is understood that Academician Andrius Baltuska is an international leader in the field of intense laser technology and strong field physics, and has devoted long-term commitment to the development of ultra-intense ultrafast lasers and optical parametric amplification technology, and his team's research has strongly contributed to the frontier application of precision control of ultrashort pulses in ultrafast spectroscopy and high-energy physics. To date, he has published more than 200 papers in top academic journals such as Nature and Science, and has been invited to compile one book. According to Google Scholar academic statistics, the H-factor of his papers reaches 64 and the total citations exceed 21,000. His team's work on high power mid-infrared ultrafast lasers, high brightness X-ray pulses, and extreme strong field physics has led to innovative applications in semiconductor nano-detection, atmospheric precision spectroscopic detection, biomedical diagnostics, and novel drug synthesis. Andrius Baltuska became a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Vienna University of Technology in 2006 and was elected in 2016 as member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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