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USST Holds Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferral for Students of Class 2024

June 3, 2024

On June 1st, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) held its 2024 graduation ceremony and degree conferral at the Mao Zedong Statue Square and Zhan'en Avenue. Over 8,000 graduates and parents of students attended the ceremony. The cloud streaming services were adopted on WeChat Video Channel, TikTok, and Bilibili, allowing absent parents to watch the ceremony online. Statistics show a total of 183,000 people watched the graduation ceremony online, with the live streaming receiving around 40300clicks and over 280,000 likes.

The students of Class 2024 presented a special gift to their alma mater—the Flying Wing Butterfly. Wang Lingyu, party committee secretary of USST, accepted the gift. The graduates hoped that the "Lepidoptera" symbolizing soaring high, would reflect their aspiration for technological innovation.

During the ceremony, USST President Ding Xiaodong delivering a speech focusing on “what is new quality productive force” and “what should USST students do”, motivating the graduates to explore and discover the new-quality elements in their respective industries, regardless of what they would take for.

Xin Baoquan, a PhD graduate from the School of Health Sciences and Engineering, shared his academic journey, expressing gratitude to USST and hopes for the future. He vowed to maintain seriousness and innovation in his research, stick to his ideals, and bravely pursue his dreams. Professor Liu Ning from the School of Environment and Architecture, as a student representative, encouraged students to find individual certainty in uncertainty, stay true to their original aspirations, and move forward courageously, making youth shine in constructing the country.

Zhang Yuangang, a USSTer of class 2004 and chairman of Shanghai Zeyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., shared his experiences, encouraging younger students to "broaden horizons, improve skills, plan the future, resist temptations, and work happily and diligently." Centering on integrating technology into Shanghai’s three major industries, he urged them to seize the new opportunities of the digital age.

The coincidence of Children's Day with the graduation ceremony added a touch of "cuteness" to this special day. Ardent wishes came from President Ding to the graduates, " after graduation, you can always maintain child-like curiosity and inquisitiveness, stay true to original aspirations, forge ahead, and bravely head towards a bigger promising world."

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