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A Program of Master’s Degree Approved by IPMP

In September 2018, the China Certification Committee of International Project Manager Professional (IPMP) started the application of IPMP certification training units. The MEM Center of the Business School set up a team and submitted the high-quality material within a very short time, which led to the final success. On December 1, the China Project Management Congress held a licensing ceremony for international project management qualification certification training units. Professor Sun Shaorong, Director of the MEM Center, accepted the license on behalf of USST. At present, there are about 90 universities with MEM qualifications in China, 38 of which have IPMP qualifications.


International Project Management Professional (IPMP) is a general term referring to the Four Level Certification of International Project Management Association (IPMA). With extensive international recognition and authority, IPMP represents the highest international level of project management qualification certification. IPMP divides the qualification certification of project management professionals into four levels, namely A, B, C and D level, each having its own certificate.

The success of the application is of great significance to the development of the MEM center. It means that all the graduates who have obtained a MEM degree in USST shall also have a D-level project management qualification of IPMP certification, which will undoubtedly greatly enhance the attraction of the MEM program to the candidates. In addition, the MEM Center can also carry out IPMP certification qualification training, thus further expanding the influence of the MEM project.

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