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USST 2020 Degree Show Goes Virtual

June 18, 2020

The final year degree show “Unexpectation — Cloud Show” by students from school of College of Communication and Art Design was displayed on Cloud Platform due to coronavirus Pandemic.
This is the 13th year of graduation design exhibition held by College of Communication and Art Design. Unlike the form of exhibition over the past years, 2020 graduates’ designs were demonstrated on the website which expanded the information on the students including extra images and video content. These designs reflects students’ priority to reality, their knowledge of Culture of South China and Shanghai, their thought of campus Creative Products, their imagination for the future life space and their care for the disadvantaged.
The exhibition was launched simultaneously on USST official WeChat and the official website of the College of Communication and Art Design (Please Click: show.usst.edu.cn). Visitors can take their time observing each work in a purposeful setting as they will in a traditional gallery.

Culture of South China, Souvenir     by SONG JIADAI

No.516 Campus     by CHEN QIWEN

Blindspotting    by YAO ZHOUYAN

Green,Integration,Resurgence    by WU HAO

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