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USST Leaders in Scientific and Technological Innovation

March 4, 2019

Recently, The Administration Office of the Organization Department of the Central Committee (ODCC) of the CPC has released the list of the fourth batch of members for the “Ten-Thousand Talents Program” (TTTP). Amongst those listed were Professor ZHANG Dawei and ZHU Yimin, from the School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering (SOECE), as leading talents in scientific and technological innovation.

The Exclusive Support Program of National Leading Talents (ESPNLT), also known as National Exclusive Support Program (NESP), aims to offer support in cultivating domestic top talents. The overall purpose of the Program is to select and support about 10000 well-established scientists, top talents and young outstanding talents within a ten-year period in such disciplines as natural science, engineering technology, philosophy, sociology and higher education, in a step-by-step and well-focused manner. The program also aims to build up a domestic high-end talent pool in scientific and technological innovation to supplement the practice of recruiting overseas top talents.

A Brief Introduction of Professor ZHANG Dawei

Professor Zhang has won numerous titles and honors, including the title of the ‘Young and Middle-Aged Leading Talents in Scientific and Technological Innovation’ (YMLTSCI) of the Ministry of Science (MS) in 2017, the title of the 9th Shanghai Young Talents in Science and Technology and the title of Shanghai Shuguang Scholar, Shanghai Rising Star in Science and Technology. Professor Zhang is also the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE). He has been dedicated to the research of ultra-optical manufacturing and testing technology, Nano optical applications, Optical fluidics apparatuses and microfluidic biological chips and instruments. His research accomplishments entitled him to such honors as the recipient of the Second Price of Technological Innovation of National Higher Education Institutions (TINHEI) in 2012 and First Price of the Scientific Progress of the China Instrument and Control Society (CICS) in 2017.

A Brief Introduction of Professor ZHU Yiming

Professor Zhu has won numerous titles and honors, such as the title of the Young and Middle-Aged Leading Talent in Scientific and Technological Innovation, and the title of Outstanding Young Talent by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC). Focusing his research on the Terahertz imaging and spectrometry, professor Zhu designed and developed the Whole-Fiber Time-Domain Terahertz Spectrum System (WFTDTS) and Active Terahertz Body Scanning System (ATBSS), two achievements which have been industrialized, the first among all higher education institutions after the government promulgated "the 22 Guidelines in Scientific and Technological Innovation ". At present, relevant products have been used by a number of customers such as Shanghai Customs. As the leader of terahertz research team, Professor Zhu, together with his team members, have won sponsorship from provincial and municipal governments to establish the Innovation Center of the Terahertz Spectrum and Imaging (ICTSI), and the Innovation Base of National 111 Terahertz Precise Biological Technology (IBNTPBT). As the main contributor and corresponding author, he has published over 100 academic papers in SCI journals (40 articles are among the top 5% in the electro-optical research field. He has won the First Prize of "Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award"(STAA), the Innovation Award from China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association (CIUR) and the Third Prize of Science and Technology Award from China Ordnance Society (COS).



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