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Chairman of the Board of NCUK Visits Our School

March 13, 2019

On March 6, Neil Mclean, the Chairman of the Board of the Northern Consortium of the United Kingdom (NCUK) paid a visit to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) along with the Director of Market Development (MD) and the China General Manager. USST President Ding Xiaodong enthusiastically met Neil Mclean.

On behalf of USST, President Ding extended a warm welcome to Neil Mclean and those accompanying him. He looked back at Sino-British College’s (SBC) development and its remarkable achievements over the past ten years and more, and gave a brief introduction about the overall plans of the “Double-First Class” construction, academic results of characteristic disciplines, and the future development blueprint of USST. He argued that the remarkable achievements of SBC and its wide recognition from the outside world mostly affirmed USST in collaborative education, which met a lot of opportunities, but there still emerged some difficulties blocking its development. Against the backdrop of the “Double-First Class” construction, USST would steadily follow the original policy in supporting SBC. At the same time, USST would utilize the present platform for strengthening the academic relationship between SBC and USST’s schools and colleges at Jungong Road, and explore new models of cooperative projects and tasks with the sister universities in the United Kingdom to achieve new results in the future.

On behalf of NCUK, Chairman Neil Mclean held that NCUK would continue to solidify the development between USST and SBC, so as to more deeply promote the communication and cooperation between USST and the sister universities of NCUK.


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