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Dr. An Concentrates on the Paper-based Immunosensors Field

May 14, 2019

Dr. An Yarui is an outstanding young teacher from USST,who has achieved a lot in her research area in recent years. Her research area focuses on the construction of model about functionalized nanomaterials and electrochemical immunosensors and its application of to biomacromolecule. In recent years, her research has focused much on application of bismuth-based nanomaterials to model about immune-biosensor. Here is an introduction of her research on paper-based immunosensors.
Paper-based immunosensors are regarded as attractive analytical tools for performing point-of-care and in-field assays in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and food safety control. She conducted the review which mainly focuses on the current trends in paper-based immunosensors that have appeared in the last decade, including the types of paper-based platforms, and the detection techniques applied.

The properties of paper as an immunoassay substrate can greatly affect the analytical performance of paper-based devices. Paper-based immunosensors can achieve low cost, portability, miniaturization and user-friendliness for detection systems when combined with advanced technologies (e.g., smartphones and microfabrication technology). Therefore, these immunosensors could be used for tests by nonlaboratory-trained individuals and even the patients themselves. Smartphones, as common tools, have many powerful functions that can be coupled with optical and electrochemical detection techniques to achieve portable and user-friendly detection systems for paper-based devices. On the other hand, microfabrication technologies can effectively lower the cost of devices by miniaturizing the components, resulting in more compact detection devices. To further improve the utility and reduce the cost of fabricated paper-based immunosensors, application of multiplexing technology to paper-based platforms is a wide field worthy of further exploring by researchers.
The aim of this work is to provide a helpful reference to researchers in diverse fields for fabricating more accurate, useful and commercialized paper-based immunoassay devices, which could be used for early diagnosis of diseases, determination of food contamination and detection of environmental hazards.
                                                                               A brief introduction of Dr. An Yarui
An Yarui is a Doctor, an Associate Professor at the college of Science, USST, with 15 SCI papers in the internationally renowned academic journals such as TRAC-trends in Analytical Chemistry (Area Top II,IF: 7.03), Biosens Bioelectron ( Area I,IF: 8.1), Chemistry European-A Journal (IF: 5.1). Among her SCI papers, 7 of them have an impact factor of over 5.


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