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2019 Undergraduate Student Commencement Held at USST

June 30, 2019

On the morning of June 17th, the graduate commencement was held at the sports center of Jungong Campus, USST. The ceremony was presided over by Sheng Chun, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of USST.

During the music, “USST Parents” like the graduates’ counselors, faculty members and staff accompanied these graduates for 4 years from the Security Office and the Logistical Service Office who came into the hall, and were followed by warm waves of applauses. Afterwards, a picture called the“Song of USST In memory of USST Graduates” was released as expected. They unveiled the curtain to the ceremony.

Zhang Hua, Vice President of USST, read out the decision of awarding Shanghai and USST’s outstanding graduates. On behalf of all graduates, Zheng Zhixin, a graduate of College of Foreign Languages, extended sincere gratitude to the teachers who guided the students through their path of life, the classmates who advanced together with strong ambition, and the parents who were firmly devoted to their growth. On behalf of all teachers, Prof. Liu Baolin from the School of Medical Instrument & Food Engineering thanked these graduates a lot for their contributions to USST and hoped that they would also repay: the nation, society, the school and their parents. They are expected to work hard to promote: social progress, economic development and people’s well-being.

Zhang Hua, Vice President of USST, read out the decision of awarding Shanghai and USST’s outstanding graduates
Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered a speech titled “Pursue Dreams When You Are Young”. These young students were given much encouragement. First, they should build their dreams with ambitions and responsibility. In 1998, Chang Zhaohua, an alumni of USST resolutely decided to came back to USST to engage in the localization of high-end medical instruments to relieve the reliance on imported instruments. He encouraged graduates to develop deep feelings, strengthen their strong ambitions and strive for China. Second, they should pursue dreams with passion and idealism. Mao Zedong wrote in The Shian Kian Weekly Review that each person should speak and work for the world, the nation and society. Taking it as an example, President Ding encouraged students to gather all spiritual strength to start a business when they have shown: confidence, optimism, and determination in life. Third, they should achieve dreams with endeavor and dedication. President Ding shared the story of You Guopeng, an outstanding graduate from the School of Medical Instrument & Food Engineering. He neither continued his studies nor took up work, but chose to volunteer in Tibet. President Ding encouraged all graduates to see hard work as the only way to success and noted that utter devotion is the right way to start a life no matter where they were previously or what they have done.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered a speech titled “Pursue Dreams When You Are Young”

Sheng Chun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST announced the awarding list

Liu Baolin, Professor of  School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering delivered a speech

Zheng Zhixin, Student Representative from College of Foreign Languages delivered a speech

With the playing of the school song, all students present at the ceremony graduated. Surrounded by warm cheers from the leaders of USST and their supervisors, they walked out of the hall. In later days, they will embrace a new life and embark on a new journey. It is expected that all students should value their youth and stick to their dreams and create glorious businesses.


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