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Wei Jie: A Wise Executive of Jingzhi Enterprise

September 5, 2019

“Be clear about everything around you; be focused on what you like; cherish what you have got,” an old acquaintance from USST said. Wei Jie, President of Shanghai Jingzhi Industrial Co., Ltd., has been awarded many titles, such as the Shanghai Outstanding Young Entrepreneur and the Shanghai Business Mentors for Young Talent. He was also once given the Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal and the Shanghai Youth Five Four Medal. As a young entrepreneur who graduated from USST, he shows the spirit of pursuing dreams bravely and strives hard in the new era.

He is an optimist who always looks on the bright side of things. Always wearing a smile on his face, he is glad to share his optimism with others. He said: “I hate being troubled by the negative, but get used to embracing challenges with a sunny smile.” “Sometimes disadvantages can be a blessing,” he said. In his view, the operator's professional ability and optimistic attitude play an important role in the success of enterprise. He always observes failure with an easy mind and never loses the desire to achieve more success in his career. With strong communicative competence, he is willing to share his views with others and can quickly adapt to various occasions for communication. His rich personality, intelligence and insight often make him the leader of the crowd.    
In addition, persistence has also worked a lot for Wei Jie’s successful career. He never gives up halfway. “If you choose a business career, you have to stay focused on it.” He contributes his energy to his business career. Every day, with nearly 8 conferences, he basically stays up until 22:00. At the same time, his success in business is rooted in a down-to-earth attitude. “USST is a university which embraces pragmatic characteristics, making students engaged in learning and research with patience and devotion. After I graduated from the university, a pragmatic way of thinking also influenced my later career,” Wei Jie said. During university, he developed critical and logical thinking, which worked a lot on his way to success. “Doing business needs a strict and down-to-earth attitude,” he said. It ensures that he can adopt various flexible ways to deal with problems each time he encounters difficulties in his business. Following a rigorous procedure, he can always make things go smoothly as expected.

At the beginning, his company was originally made up of three staff members and now has evolved into a tech enterprise with its annual orders of more than 300 million Yuan. Wei Jie created “Jingzhi Future Scholarship” in 2011, with the aim to cultivate elite talent for the mechanical manufacturing field. “Enterprises should pay attention to the long-term development of enterprises rather than just the scale or as the undertaker of the enterprise, we should pay more attention to the sustainable development of the enterprise,” he maintained that each entrepreneur should have this vision. USST students who receive “Jingzhi Future Schoalrship” will have the opportunity to enter the workforce market before graduation and make preparation for their future careers. “Each year, 5 students can stand out among many applicants. So far, there have been a total of 45 students from USST funded by this project. In the future, they may all become elite talents of smart manufacturing industry in my hope,” Wei Jie showed great expectations for them.
Wei Jie has a strong team in which several members graduated from USST. Among them Wang Wei is also an alumnus of USST. “He is my best business partner who always supports me and helps me overcome difficulties and corrects my shortcomings,” Wang Wei weighs in on Wei Jie. Certainly, Wei Jie also attributes his own business development to the hard work of each staff member in his enterprise. The Year Meeting of Jingzhi has been held when the enterprise was established at the first year.
Wei Jie has drawn a clear blueprint for his enterprise’s development. He set two milestones for the enterprise's growth in five years. During the first three years, his enterprise in mechanical manufacturing field should be smarter, and he also hopes to spend another two years competing for the industry-led position in smart manufacturing.
In recent years, Wei Jie has had a close relationship with USST, and done his best to help the development of USST when he promotes the development of his own business.

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