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5G UAV Carries a Dream of Li Han and his Team

October 9, 2019

5G Wireless Technology is absolutely one of the items on that list of buzz words these days. As a cutting-edge technology, 5G can be related to many possible fields and become an important booster due to its advantages like: large bandwidth, low latency and wide connection. 5G + UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an intriguing and promising application that has aroused people’s attention recently. Li Han, one of the graduate students in our university, leads his group in cooperation with HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. in the fields of 5G UAV and have successfully displayed their products in many exhibitions.

Since Li Han had begun his elementary school, he proactively took part in different kinds of model plane contests. He also developed a strong interest in technical innovation in scientific and technological contests he took part in throughout his middle school life. When entering the university, he still stayed passionate and soon aroused the attention of his teacher Cao Ying at the School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering. With her help, Li Han took the opportunity to enter the laboratory as an undergraduate student. Since then, he continues to do research on the UAV. When talking about his undergraduate life, he laughed. ‘Judging from my GPA, I’m really ordinary. Everyone owns his or her own way in life, and their ambitions are also different. If you focus on one thing, you will certainly give up on other chances.

Li Han’s research direction in his undergraduate life seems to have to do nothing with his current focus. However, they are actually closely connected. “Model planes are very similar to the UAV ignoring some minor differences like auto control. Besides, 5G technology, Virtual Reality (VR) and UAV have some inner links so that you can’t separate them from one another. In 2016, VR became a hot topic. Not only was VR viewed as important to some tech enterprises, also the whole society tended to gain momentum regarding VR and then a lot of capital was accumulated. But few people put emphasis on the development of VR-related application like the increase of distinguishability. The team led by Li Han was just one of the groups that tried to attach importance to these problems and made some changes. In November of 2017,Li Han and his group drew attention from HUAWEI. “We have made a lot of progress in the past, but still have to learn more things. In the long run, we have to update our knowledge and improve technical competence. Nowadays, 5G is highly popular in our society just like VR in 2016. When talking about this issue, Li Han expressed his own ideas.“Owing to the favorable environment in our country and the support of MVNO, China takes the lead in the infrastructure design of 5G technology. But more enterprises should underline the importance of the development of related applications instead of just focusing on capital. We also need time to solve some related problems such as cost reduction. Only when everyone in our country can afford 5G mobile phones can we really come to the conclusion that 5G technology is universal,” said Li Han.

When asked to offer some tips, Li Han modestly told of his experiences in the university. Apart from the emphasis on GPA, he valued what he will become in the future. Since undergraduate, he has made full use of his spare time to cultivate his personal capability and strengthen social relationships. He encouraged younger USSTers to involve themselves in voluntary events and professional exhibitions. He denied a so-called intermittent diligence emerging among senior students who often are idle and resort to intensive work to compensate for intermittent laziness. He believes that resources and platforms are rendered by schools but opportunities should be seized by oneself. He is convinced that their efforts are bound to contribute to technological innovations and the progress of our society. “Having heard of his ingeniousness even before I entered USST, I found him to be a normal schoolmate to make friends with. There is an intrinsic quality that drives him to consolidate himself into hard work,” said one of his team members.


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