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USST Spring Semester Sets Sail Online

March 16, 2020

USST campus seems unusually cold and cheerless in the early spring. Though the COVID-19 epidemic delayed students’ return to the campus, the students and teachers can still meet each other online.

At 8 a.m. on March 2nd, the bell for the spring semester of USST rang online on time. Altogether 2,318 undergraduate courses and 189 graduate courses were launched in an all-around way on several online platforms such as g the newly-built Smart Classroom of USST, Super Star Fanya, Learning Through, Rain Classroom, MOOC, Huawei Welink, Tencent Meeting . In such a spring, more than 1,200 teachers went online and invited their students who were at every corner of China to gather online for the study of this semester.

During classes, Lu Ying, an epidemic prevention expert from East Hospital of Shanghai, which is  affiliated to USST, shared her professional knowledge about the COVID-19 and her personal experience of epidemic fighting with the student,.Dr. Liu has many years’ working experience in infectious management. Professor Zhang Dawei, Director of Science and Technology Department, shared the stories of USST faculty members who had made key technological breakthroughs in the  race against time in fighting the epidemic. “Interdisciplinary talents are what our country needs. USST offers many opportunities for our students to improve their interdisciplinary abilities. Only with hard work and professional skills can one make contributions to the country when it is in need,” said he. Professor Zhu Jianmin pointed out that we would encounter many challenges, including system crash and video stagnation in terms of network technology, insufficiency of teaching experience and unfamiliarity with multimedia technology, and the lack of proper methods to evaluate in-classroom performance of the students. He hoped that all teachers and students would join their hands to meet various challenges and make full use of e-learning resources to improve the teaching quality and create a new e-learning environment  in a correct way.

AT the No.1 Teaching Building, President Ding Xiaodong attended the launching of  the online with teachers and students, and reviewed the real-time functioning of the network platform. Afterwards, President Ding talked with the teachers about the problems they met in presenting online courses.

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