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Li Jiao: Press the "fast forward” button to protect students' safety

April 24, 2020

When the epidemic came near, a group of instructors safeguarded all students in USST through their own efforts. Li Jiao, a counselor at Hujiang University, became one of them.

During the winter vacation, Li Jiao investigated 110 international students in the school one by one, including the number of students at school, in Shanghai, and other regions, paid attention to the mental health of students, and released official information about epidemic prevention and control. In the early stage of the epidemic outbreak, students failed to discriminate the complex information on the Internet. She immediately searched the authoritative media for relevant knowledge about the novel coronavirus pneumonia and reports about the epidemic situation serval times, and announced them to the group. Considering the students’ poor Chinese, she used her English skills to help her students understand. In addition, some important school announcements such as course selection and online courses were also sent to her students every day.
At the beginning of the epidemic outbreak, the school adopted closed-end campus management in the first place. Although some international students understood, they did not fully comprehend the management intention of the closed-end campus. Some students would ask for leave from school for various reasons. She reminded her students of the school’s focus on their safety, and their due responsibility to build a community of a shared future. Students learned about the school's determination to block the virus from spreading and protect their lives. Her sincerity and patience earned the comprehension of most students, but for those who held on to stubborn ideas, she repeatedly persuaded them to obey the rules.

Li Jiao majored in oil painting. She often shares digital resources and documentaries about arts with students. She also records mini lessons for pen drawing, so that everyone can enrich their life through aesthetic education in a closed-end campus. Besides, they can also ponder, create, learn, and understand the arts and cultures of different countries in the world from a different angle and then appreciate “Harmony But not Uniformity” in diverse contexts. As a "first activity experience", the "International Music Sharing Meeting" received enthusiastic responses from students. Li Jiao launched a "Nice Day" online event each week based on everyone's interests and hobbies, for example, she organized students to shoot short videos to cheer for China, they also drew hand-written newspapers for refueling love in Wuhan and shared some videos about physical exercise.
This is what Li Jiao’s diary looked like during the epidemic: carefully sort out every message, proofread every number, grasp the situation of every student, and take notes. The “play” button and “fast-forward” button that she pressed never stopped, she helped USST with a smile and overcame difficulties to achieve full success in epidemic prevention and control in her work.

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