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Faculty Association

USST Faculty Association is a faculty organization voluntarily established by USST faculties based on their own interests and hobbies, to enrich USST campus cultures. Obeying its relevant regulations, the Association holds its activities independently under the administration and guide of USST Labor Union.In order to enrich the spare cultural life of faculties, prosper USST campus cultures, strengthen the construction of the university’s spiritual civilization and build up the faculties’ physique, the Faculty Association holds various activities covering broad scopes in an attempt to comprehensively improve the physical well-being and humanistic personality of faculties. Internally, the Association provides services for Association members and other USST faculties. Externally, the Association also holds friendship exchange activities with other universities, enterprises and public institutions in order to enhance external communications and elevate university image. After many years of painstaking organization and development, the Faculty Association has served as an important platform for promoting USST campus cultures and cultivating outstanding talents.



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