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New Year’s Greetings to USST-ers

On December 29, 2018, a grand reception was held in the VIP hall of the auditorium to pay tribute to USST-ers and mark the coming of 2019. Invited to the reception to share in the past efforts and plan a development agenda were representatives of the faculty and students who have made outstanding contributions to the school. The reception was also simultaneously broadcast online for all the teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad.

Paying Homage to the Strivers, a short video clip, displayed USST-ers spirit of pursuing excellence vigorously. As the representatives of all the teachers and students, Professor Peng Yan, of the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, and Xia Siyu of the School of Mechanical Engineering, talked about their reflections upon the coming of 2019 and expressed their deep gratitude to the school and their intense longings for the future.

On behalf of the school administrators, Ding Xiaodong, the President, extended his enthusiastic greetings to all the USST-ers. He summarized the achievements of the past year and expressed his deep respect and sincere wishes to leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, alumni at home and abroad, and to all the teachers and students, who continuously care about, support and promote the development of USST. He called on all USST-ers to assume the responsibility for the central task of building a high-level university, to integrate personal development with the progress of the school, and to transform their personal strengths into the core competitiveness of the school. USST-ers should spare no effort in their endeavors to build a first-class university of science and technology with remarkable characteristics. Wu Song, Secretary of the Party Committee, led all the administrators in extending their sincere thanks to and good wishes to all USST-ers. Those present all wished USST a prosperous and even brighter future.

Participants at the reception were all amazed by the achievements of the school in 2018 and looking forward to a new chapter of development in the coming year. They expressed their eagerness to contribute their own strengths to the development of the school. More than 14,000 viewers watched the live broadcast of the celebration simultaneously through the online platform.

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