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Happy USST 2019 Spring Festival Celebration Held

On January 24, our university held the "Happy USST 2019 Spring Festival Celebration” at Student Center. Present at the celebration were over 150 distinguished guests, among them were Xue Mingyang, former director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee (ESCHC) of the Municipal People's Congress, Liu Dongchang, a standing member and head of Publicity Department of the Yangpu Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), and Zhuang Songlin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and all leading members of the USST administration.

Also present at the celebration were retired leaders of the USST administration, student representatives, members of the Municipal and District People’s Congress, members of the Municipal and District People’s Political Consultative Conference, members of democratic parties, guests from Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute (SECRI), Shanghai Research Institute of Materials (SRIM) , Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute (SETRI), Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute (SIBRI), Shanghai Hudong Hospital as well as other guests from the institutions affiliated with USST.

USST Party Secretary, Professor Wu Song delivered an opening speech during the celebration on behalf of USST. During his speech, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who have been contributing to the development of the university. He also expressed his sincere thanks to all the faculty, staff and students for their hard work.

Professor Wu made a brief summary of what the university achieved in 2018. Looking ahead to 2019, he emphasized that the task of construction and development of the university in the new year would be challenging. Therefore, USST-ers should work closely to overcome difficulties and strive for greater achievements. After the speech, Professor Wu Song, together all the leading members of the USST administration, lined up on the stage to extend their new year blessings to all the guests.

In his speech, President Ding Xiaodong pointed out that 2018 was an exciting and fruitful year for USST. In 2018, we witnessed a strong momentum in development and our achievements were eye-catching. In 2018, we made great achievements in personnel training, scientific research, social services, international exchanges and numerous other aspects; we have won numerous national awards and made big breakthroughs. These achievements were the result of the unremitting efforts of numerous generations of USST-ers. He pointed out that 2019 was the key year in the construction of our university as one of the high-level universities. To build a "Happy USST", we still need to regard "sacrifice and hard work" as our theme. All faculty, staff and students should continue to make joint effort in the construction of USST to be a high-level university with a strong sense of responsibilities. For the inauguration of the English website, President Ding emphasized that to be a high-level university we must have a global perspective, and must have an international publicity mechanism. He hoped that the English website would be updated on a daily basis and play a greater role in promoting the opening up and academic exchange in education. 

During the celebration, awards were also presented to the colleges, schools and administration departments which have distinguished themselves in 2018. Also during the celebration, some students and faculty members were invited to jointly press the start button along with university leaders to inaugurate the English website.  

After the inauguration ceremony, all the guests enjoyed excellent literary and artistic programs performed by the Trade Union, the Youth League Committee, the Music Department and other colleges of our university. The celebration ended in a festive and peaceful atmosphere.


Party Secretary, USST Committee of CPC, Professor Wu Song delivers a New Year speech

USST President, Professor Ding Xiaodong delivers a welcome speech

Vice Party Secretary, USST Committee of CPC, Professor Liu Daoping briefs the guests on English Website

Vice Party Secretary, USST Committee of CPC, Professor Sun Yuedong reads out

 the performance assessments of each college and administration department in 2018

Official inauguration of English Website

USST leaders present awards to the colleges and departments that made outstanding performances in 2018

USST Leaders present awards to the top six colleges in the field of undergraduate education, graduate

 student education, academic research, student affairs, social influence, international exchange and faculty training

Artistic performances

Celebration in session





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