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School Leaders Extend Their Regards to the Staff at Work

At close to 9 a.m. on February 5th, the first day of the first month of the Lunar Year, accompanied by representatives of the Party Committee (Principal’s) Office, the Security Department and the Logistics Management Department, Wu Song, the Secretary of the Party Committee for USST, and Sheng Chun, the deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, visited the staff who had stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival holiday.

The team visited, in turn, the staff members at No. 2 Canteen, the fourth students’ apartment building, the Security Department, the guards at the gates of 580 and 334 Jungong Road, the Muslim Canteen of the southern campus and the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College. At each and every place, the school leaders warmly shook hands and talked with those on duty, and inquired about the arrangements of their work during the holiday, after which carefully prepared gifts were presented to those who stayed at USST during the Lunar New Year. On behalf of all the school leaders, they commended the dedication and devotion of those USST staff members, expressed thanks to them for their efforts to bring about a harmonious festival and a safe environment, and wished them a ‘Happy New Year’ and also wished happiness for their families, as well as a good balance between life and work. At Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Wu Song, Sheng Chun, Gu Chunhua, the Secretary of the College Party Committee, Chen Bin, the Principal of the College, and other relevant leaders greeted the on-duty staff of the Publishing and Printing College.

Wu Song at the fourth Students’ Apartment Building

Sheng Chun with the school guards

At the Publishing and Printing College

At No.2 canteen


At the Muslim canteen


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