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USST Holds a New Year Dinner Party for Staying Students

On the afternoon of February 1, a New Year Dinner Party was held in the small auditorium of the Jungong Road Campus. Present there were Huang Hong, standing member of the Yangpu District Committee of CPC and head of the Organization Department of Yangpu district committee, Chen Hua, Director of Shanghai Student Affairs Center, Qin Heng, Vice-secretary of Yangpu District Committee of the Communist Youth League, Wu Song, secretary of the USST party committee, Ding Xiaodong, president of USST, Sheng Chun, Vice-secretary of the USST party committee and Vice-president of USST, as well as heads of some departments or colleges. Gathering together with the staying students, they welcomed the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

President Ding Xiaodong delivered a New Year speech at the beginning of the party. Prof. Ding cared a lot about the staying students and urged them to keep“safety”and“concern”in mind. Safety is not only about fire, burglary and fraud prevention, but also about physical, life and travel safety. Students should also guard against political security. On the other hand,“concern”means that no matter when and where they are, students should be concerned about their relatives and friends, and those who are concerned about others will also be concerned about by others.

President Ding then spoke highly of the work of USST in 2018, pointing out that 2018 was a year of joint efforts and fruitful results. In the past year, the average daily click-through volume of the campus network reached 22,000 times, equivalent to 35 times of 2017, and 2018 was a year of vigorous momentum and great concern for the university. In the past year, the air conditioning of students' dormitories was finalized, providing a better living condition for the students. 2018 was a year of inspiration and a year of confidence. Looking forward to 2019, we will stay true to our mission and move forward bravely. The No. 1 teaching building shall be renovated into a smart-type one, which was one of the tasks of our construction of a high-level university.

With a combination of songs, dances, talk shows, magic tricks, and instrumental music performances, the programs at the party presented to the audience a magnificent picture of the latest achievements in the field of campus culture and art, pushing the atmosphere to a climatic end. The teachers and students present participated actively in the interesting games and the lucky-draw activities. In addition, police officers of the Changbai Police Station also performed a carefully-prepared crosstalk presentation entitled“Safety Precautions on campus”in order to popularize safety-tips. They presented their important message in a humorous way.

In the evening, a dinner for staying students was served in the New Century Restaurant of the Main Campus and in the Muslim Restaurant of the South Campus. Chen Hua, Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of Shanghai Student Affairs Center, Wu Song, Secretary of the Party Committee of USST, Ding Xiaodong, the President, Sheng Chun, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, as well as leaders and teachers of various colleges and departments, as well as all the staying-students there were, nearly 400 in total, gathered together to share the New Year’s Eve and they welcomed the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

Wu Song, Secretary of the Party Committee, delivered a speech, in which he urged students to pay attention to their personal safety and arrange carefully their time so they may make a good start in their lives.

In addition to the party and New Year’s Eve dinner, the school also carefully planned and organized a series of other activities to ensure that students would have a warm and peaceful winter vacation.

While we have been looking forward to the much-anticipated year of 2019, it has come quietly. Let’s set sail once again and write a new chapter for the construction of our high-level university. Here, we wish all of our USST-ers a happy New Year and a happy family life.

Ding Xiaodong speaking upon the coming of the next year

Wu Song delivers a speech and starts the lucky draw

Gifts to the on-duty Staff

Well-prepared dishes for the dinner

Gifts for the Students

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