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USST’s Achievements of Innovation Education Receive a Positive Evaluation

Recently, Tianjin University of Science and Technology held the first Annual Meeting of the National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice(NCSAP)and the second Summit Forum on New Technology of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice, which was sponsored by the National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice and guided by the Ministry of Education of China. More than 700 participants from over 500 universities and 20 enterprises were present at the meeting. Sun Yuedong, Vice Chairman of the Alliance and Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of USST, was also invited to attend.            

During the meeting, USST’s “Cases of Reform and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology” won the Excellent Case Award, Sun Yuedong’s “Exploration and Practice of CDIO Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for College Students”, completed by Sun Yuedong et al., won the second prize and “The Construction of Individualized Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System Based on AHP” won the third prize of Excellent Research Paper, and Li Chenxue was awarded the prize of Advanced Work Achievement.

Under the guidance and support of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, the NCSAP was founded in 2017 by Xiamen University along with other Chinese universities. USST is the initiator and Vice-chairman Member of the Alliance. The Alliance is committed to exploring the teaching system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities, promoting the exchange and cooperation of universities in student innovation and entrepreneurship training plans, promoting the integration of information technology and innovation and entrepreneurship practice, strengthening social cooperation, as well as organizing and carrying out activities such as theoretical research, resource sharing and the experience exchange of innovation and entrepreneurship practice. Starting with university studentsinnovation and entrepreneurship practice, it aims at promoting the cooperation between members of the alliance and all kinds of social organizations to establish a new mechanism of collaborative education based on the integration of industry and education.

USST will further deepen the reform of teaching, adapt to the new normal situation of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation", regard innovation and entrepreneurship education as a point of breakthrough in the construction of a high-level university, focus on the core position of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the training of engineering talents, and make every effort to build innovation and an entrepreneurship education system with distinctive and demonstrative features to improve the quality of talent training.

Participants of USST

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