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The Opening Ceremony of the Session on System Science Successfully Held

May 5, 2019

On April 20th, the Opening Ceremony of the first Hujiang International Young Scholars Forum of USST and Shanghai International Young Scholar Forum of Universities---Special Session on System Science was successfully held at USST. This young scholar forum coincided with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of System Research Engineering of USST.

A number of experts in the field of System Science were present at the forum

The forum aimed at building an academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad in the field of system science. It invited young scholars from relevant fields and centered around academic frontiers to discuss hot topics for building a platform for talents to communicate and cooperate through the Academician Special Report and Sub-forum Academic Seminar. It also promoted interdisciplinary and academic innovation, enhancing cooperation and mutual trust, deepening the comprehensive understanding of USST, and gathering global talents for the construction of a high-level university. It also invited well-known academicians and experts in relevant fields to make special reports, providing a chance for face-to-face exchanges between young scholars and academicians.
Vice President Wu Zhong read out a congratulatory letter written by Meng Jianzhu, a well-known alumnus of USST and the member of the 18th CPC Central Political Bureau and Secretary of the Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs. His letter said:

“Congratulations! This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of System Engineering of USST. In the past 40 years, under the care of the older generation of scientists like Qian Xuesen, the Institute of Systems Engineering of USST and Business College have overcome difficulties and forged ahead. They have achieved fruitful results in disciplinary construction, teaching and scientific research, cultural construction of the college and international exchanges. They have trained a large number of high-quality management talents for the country and made important contributions to the long-term development of Systems Engineering. ”

Li Yongzhi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, stated that the forum was a new starting point for USST to gather, attract and cultivate talent in the process of building first-class disciplines and first-class universities. At the same time, the Forum was also part of the Young Talents Recruitment Project for Shanghai Universities. Next, Professor Li Yongzhi commented on the project, emphasizing that young talent, especially those who graduated with doctoral degree, were in their golden period of academic development. He hoped that experts, teachers and students from all relevant fields could share their cutting-edge scientific ideas, methods and directions.
Professor Wu Qidi, Director of the Management Discipline Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and former Vice Minister of Education, told of her postgraduate years when system science at USST had already progressed ahead in the field. She hopes that all young scholars can make their own contributions to this field and that some qualified successors in this subject will also emerge.
There were three keynote speeches from Professor Wang Enduo, an academician from Chinese Academy of Science, Professor Wang Xiaofan, the Vice President of Shanghai University and Professor Li Dengfeng from Fuzhou University. Professor Wang laid stress on her research on the interaction between aminoacyl-+RNA synthesis enzyme and relative +RNA. She hoped that some secrets of biology could be unveiled through her research, contributing to human health. Professor Wang shared the development of scale-free networks over the past 20 years and analyzed whether it is common in daily life. Professor Li showed initial research on Interval-Valued Cooperative Game and the models and methods for Interval-Valued Cooperative Game. Besides, he discussed narrowing the gap between academic research and the students with some practical examples.

Some experts at the forum delivered keynote speeches in terms of their research areas

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered the last speech at the Opening Ceremony. He held that USST would seize every opportunity for reforming itself to step up the construction of a first-class university and promoting the connotative development. With great efforts, USST is expected to be built into a top scientific university with remarkable characteristics. At the same time, he emphasized that USST will follow an open and inclusive principle, and welcome all scholars to USST for communication.

During the session, some  young scholars present at the forum accepted our interviews. Associate Professor Yu Hao from the Arctic University of Norway, hoped to take the chance to strengthen the communication and cooperation with the scholars of USST. He believes that scientific power plays a decisive a role in building a high-level university. In the local schools of Norway, they also attach great importance to the development of scientific technology so that more research results are accessible to their students. Chen Zhichao, a student majoring in Corporate Management in USST, heard about the forum through USST’s official publication. He had joined in similar forums and showed great interest in them. By being involved in this forum, he hoped to learn the latest academic results that may enlighten him in his subsequent research.

A young scholar present at forum accepted the interview from the translation and compilation assistants of USST’s English Website

This forum is significant for USST to attract more talents here, contributing to the overall strategy of building a high-level university.


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