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8 Disciplines Approved as 2019 National First-Class Undergraduate Disciplines

February 5, 2020

Eight disciplines (Editing & Publishing Science, Mechanical Design,Manufacture Automation, as well as, the Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument to name a few) of USST have been approved as national first-class undergraduate disciplines, according to the 2019 list of Construction Programs for the “Double Ten Thousand” , officially released by the General Office of the Ministry of Education. It should be noted that the “Double Ten Thousand” refers to a plan to build around 10,000 first-class undergraduate disciplines at a national level and 10,000 first-class undergraduate disciplines at a provincial level during the period from 2019 to 2021.
Guided by the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Conference in this new era, the construction of first-class undergraduate disciplines is an important measure taken by the Ministry of Education to: revitalize undergraduate education, to improve talent cultivation, and to realize the core goals of higher education. The construction of these first-class undergraduate disciplines is also a key element for the evaluation of the “Double First-Class” universities. The Ministry of Education had launched the plan in April, 2019 and also approved the first 4054 national first-class undergraduate disciplines, in which 1691disciplines which were directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education and 2363 disciplines are under the administration of the Provincial Education Department.
In past years, USST has attached great importance to the construction of undergraduate disciplines and has put the “student-centered, result-oriented pedagogy and approach of step-by-step improvement” into practice, so as to deepen educational reform and boost the quality of undergraduate education. The 8 approved disciplines shows the full recognition of the achievements made in improving undergraduate disciplines and talent cultivation.
At the next stage, USST will continue to improve its undergraduate programs, to elevate its academic visibility, to promote its education quality with the assistance of professional certification.

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