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Special Art Works Released by USST for Frontline Anti-Virus Heroes

February 12, 2020

A sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) made the 2020 Spring Festival unusual. Such front-line workers as the liberation army, medical workers, police and constructors, are working together and helping each other to build a healthy wall against NCP, and they are the most positive figures against NCP.
At USST, the College of Communication and Art Design launchs a campaign to fight against NCP. The college is collecting art works from faculty and students for public welfare to fight against NCP. They put their efforts into do something meaningful to thank and cheer for those heroes who are combating NCP on the frontline. Hujiang College is also actively taking actions to cheer for Wuhan and China by collecting different art works from teachers and students. Only one day after the campaign was launched, they have received more than 100 art works, including posters, hand-painted works, paper-cuts, seal cutting works, calligraphy and other types of art works. With their inspiring and wonderful art works, each USSTer shows the determination and strength in fighting against NCP.

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