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Key Technologies including Multi-channel Rapid Detection Equipment of New Coronavirus launched by USST

February 20, 2020

Multi-channel rapid detection of the new coronavirus is essential for control and prevention of new coronavious pneumonia. A few days ago, USST, the USST Opto-electronics Information Technology Research Institute (Kunshan) and Shanghai Cohere Electronics Technology Co., Ltd jointly developed the key components and instruments for the multi-channel rapid detection equipment of the new coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody antigen. The combination of an immunofluorescence detector and corresponding test strips can realize the rapid detection of 9 samples at the same time.
To satisfy an urgent need for multi-channel rapid detection of the new coronavirus, academician Zhuang Songlin from USST led his team members to work closely with the USST Optoelectronics Information Technology Research Institute in Kunshan and Shanghai Cohere Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. On the basis of the relevant R & D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the innovation plan of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, in collaboration with other scientific research institutes work overtime, they developed key components and instruments such as constant temperature fluorescence detection kits and universal constant temperature fluorescence detectors, and RT_qPCR real-time fluorescence quantitative detectors suitable for variable temperature qPCR nucleic acid detection kits. Taking into account the limitations of nucleic acid detection, a multi-channel portable detection instrument for antibody-antigen immunofluorescence has been specially developed, which can be used for rapid detection of 9 samples simultaneously with corresponding test strips.

In addition, USST has focused much on the urgent need for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia, and has quickly organized a fully automatic flexible detection system, a remote intelligent medical monitoring system for patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, a rapid identification biochip and a solid disinfectant for new coronavirus pneumonia, specific construction of antigen antibody libraries and rapid detection products, and formed more than a dozen key technology research and development teams. The teams have made great efforts to promote key technological innovations, and have delivered scientific and innovative technological strength to China's victory in the new battle to control the new coronavirus pneumonia as soon as possible.

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