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Li Changlin— USST Pioneer of War against COVID-19

February 25, 2020

Long before Shanghai activated a first-level public health emergency response on Jan. 24th, Li Changlin put herself into a special “battle mode”. During the Spring Festival, she stayed at an on-duty room of the Health Department for 9 consecutive days, and engaged in raising medical supplies for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), she followed up on those with close exposure to patients and dealt with other special cases. “It requires everyone’s effort to win the battle against the epidemic. My first-level response was to quickly and strictly implement measures about prevention and control of COVID-19 and to do what I could to ensure the health of all our students and teachers at USST,” said Li.  
“The epidemic situation came so suddenly when the Spring Festival approached, and brought challenges for a quick response and also that we could provide enough medical supplies”. Li Changlin has been stationed at an on-duty room since the beginning of the battle against the epidemic. During her 9 days there, she had to take a cabinet as a bed and only ate takeout food, but she took her job very seriously. There are 13 thick notebooks on her desk which record the health condition of every student and teacher at the school.
“Li works very earnestly and assiduously like an ox. Now under the current epidemic situation, she also demonstrates the spirit we all admire to the greatest extent,” said Dr. Zhang Ni, who is one of the school’s doctors. Li Changlin is responsible not only for the routine prevention and control of the epidemic but has also shown great heroism in dealing with other emergencies. A student from the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, whose household register is Wuhan, ran into difficulties when he was isolated in a hotel in Pudong. During that period, Li Changlin made countless calls to coordinate with local communities and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Li Changlin’s daughter is now a senior middle school student during the busiest school time. However, Li has not seen her daughter for more than 20 days since the beginning of the battle and instead has poured much love into the wellbeing of the students and staff at USST. She has gone above and beyond, helping to call taxis for students who have had to go to other hospitals for further examination, and has gone to dormitories to take the temperatures of students with fevers and even taken medical masks to them. She continues to show care and ask about their health every day.
The battle against this epidemic demands many ordinary people like Li Changlin devote themselves to their posts regardless of what happens. Thanks to people like Li Changlin we can build a defense line against the epidemic while showing warmth and taking responsibility for our fellow citizens.



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