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Sun Jinyue Dedicated to the Battle against the Epidemic

March 5, 2020

Sun Jinyue was a postgraduate majoring in Prosthetic Orthopedic Engineering at School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering. He is also the head of the emergency safety volunteer service at USST. When the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus broke out, he took an active part in the epidemic prevention work under the leadership of Wang Yongzhen, director of the Shanghai Min’an Volunteer Service Center for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and also an off-campus instructor of USST..
Due to the epidemic, many inter-province expressways were locked up. In late January, Sun Jinyue and other volunteers drove overnight to bring anti-epidemic materials to Shanghai. Up to now, Sun Jinyue and other volunteers have delivered a large number of epidemic prevention materials, such as surgical masks, medical protective clothing, goggles and disinfectants, to 7 hospitals, several police stations, fire squadrons, and also campus health service and security office of USST. All above-mentioned materials were donated by Shanghai Min’an Volunteer Service Center for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.

On February 5, Sun Jinyue responded to the call of Jiading District Youth League Committee and went to Zhuqiao checkpoint (a checkpoint along G15 Shenhai Expressway) as a volunteer to assist in the quarantine inspections of vehicles and passengers. Sun Jinyue is mainly responsible for checking the body temperature, recording identity information, checking the trunk of vehicles, and sorting out those with the abnormal body temperature.
Mr. Sun said, “Most of passengers to Shanghai volunteer to cooperate with our work. The waiting time for driving-through checkpoint during rush hour is more than two hours, and we need to stand on duty for 6 hours. Some hospitable visitors offered us drinks and bread through their car window, but we declined because we couldn’t take off the protective clothing and masks to eat or drink so that we can minimize the number of trips to the toilet. Actually, I was very moved by what they did!”

As the passengers peaked on February 9, Sun Jinyue was transferred to the Southwest Exit of Shanghai Railway Station, and did safety checks for those who returned to Shanghai by train and did publicity work for epidemic prevention.
Sun Jinyue said, “Min’an volunteer service team and many more people are making contributions without any complaints. They were willing to take the risks and did not care about financial rewards. They stepped forward to help the prevention and control personnel. Life is a one way street, and we can only go forward. In the fight against the epidemic, we must make our share of sacrifice to fight against the epidemic and boost the people’s confidence to win this battle. We firmly believe that we can defeat the epidemic and win the victory.”

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