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USSTers Fight against the Epidemic in Multiple Ways

March 8, 2020

At USST, when the epidemic came nearer, a large number of teachers were conscientious, endeavoring to promote the victory of prevention and control over the epidemic in the field within their power.
“Scientific and technological innovation is essential for the victory of the prevention and control of the epidemic. USST has the advantage of a long-term accumulation in its disciplines, and can quickly organize teams of teachers to tackle scientific and technological issues and make contributions to the final battle against the epidemic,” said Zhang Dawei. At 11 p.m. on Feb 14th, a project entitled “Rapid Detection of Novel Coronavirus” was launched by a team led by Academician Zhuang Songlin and passed the initial selection of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Prof. Zhuang immediately organized a meeting for the team members to discuss. Thanks to the fast response of our school, the key components and instruments of multi-channel rapid detection equipment of the novel coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody antigen has been successfully developed. In addition, ten more R&D teams at USST are also promoting innovation of key technologies.

Liu Changgeng, who is from the College of Communication and Art Design, took special measures to join in the battle against the epidemic. He used his professional knowledge to guide students to not believe in rumors, spread rumors or make rumors, and to hold a rational attitude to complex information. In the studio, Liu talked with students about situations and problems of the epidemic in news beyond the limits of time and space.

During the epidemic, a song called “A Holy Heart” was sung in the battle against the epidemic. It was written by Liu Yong, composed by Sun Sha, and sung by Li Hua from Hujiang College and Cai Jianjun from the College of Communication and Art Design. The song was completed within a few days, which expresses a confession to the school faculty and staff on the front line.

On the evening of Feb 22th, Prof. Chen Jinjie from the School of Mechanical Engineering knew that the school was raising materials to help the teachers and students in Hubei Province, and he immediately donated over 1200 medical masks with no charge. Because of efforts form all departments and teachers, 81 care packages each with a gratitude letter were sent to teachers and students in Hubei Province. At the critical moment of battle against the epidemic, they offered the warmest and most powerful support to teachers and students in Hubei Province.

In the team doing mental assistance at USST, as the members of the Shanghai Municipal Level Psychological Assistance Working Team, Yang Ying and Chen Feng, from the psychological education section of the Student Affairs Department, led their team to give warmth and support to students by phone. After receiving the notice from their team, they signed up at once. They started to study a large number of materials the next day to prepare, and then opened a psychological support hotline for the epidemic to the public. During this period, there were 5 to 6 calls a day. The consultants have calmed anxiety and helped deal with the. difficulty of base staff with great pressure and gave the best comfort to those students who were worried about their studies.

As far as the battle against epidemic is concerned, each USSTer consolidated the strength with their efforts so we can break through the mist of the epidemic as soon as possible.

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