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USST Guardians Enact Defense Lines to Stem the Spread of Epidemic

March 13, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited By 张柳

On the battlefield of the epidemic, USST guardians shield the area from virus attacks and enact a defense line for epidemic prevention and control.
As the security team leader of No. 516 Jungong Road Campus, Zhou Heng continues to show his conscientiousness in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and shapes himself as a role model for other security team members. During the early stage of the epidemic, the school got the campus under what might be referred to as an “enclosed-style” management. In spite of some misunderstandings of the neighboring residents in the family area, Zhou Heng was always the first to arrive and make patient explanations to them. Zhou Heng, who had planned to return to his hometown for the Spring Festival, was determined to stay at school and maintain his post after the epidemic outbreak. From January 20th until now, he has been working as a pioneer during his working hours which have been extended.

Chen Long is in charge of security work in the southern area of the school campus. There are four entrances and exits in the southern area, three of which are connected to the Shanghai Ocean University and the East China Sea Research Institute. In order to strengthen the residential administration, the residents are only allowed to get in and out from the No. 334 school gate. There are 40 students and even more staying in the school during the winter holiday, but managing the accessibility for more than 100 residents in the family area of the Shanghai Ocean University become a headache. Chen Long directed his team members to actively contact the office for the street, and worked with them to educate the residents and spread news about epidemic prevention and control in the families in the area. Based on the name lists of the family area provided by the street office, they visited each family and issued more than 100 campus permits.

Yan Junjun is the Head Gatekeeper. On the afternoon of January 23rd, the school held a special conference for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus-infected and the pneumonia epidemic. From 18:00 in the evening, Yan Junjun immediately led security members to carry out the control of the schools' gates and fired the first shot against the epidemic igniting prevention and control. He provided training for the security members, followed the situation for the six school gates in the monitoring room, and checked whether there was something ignored. Also, the epidemic prevention materials were put in place alongside the patrol team. From perspective of Yan Junjun, there is no small part to epidemic prevention. Even if the guards repeatedly wore disposable masks for several days due to lack of masks, it cannot be overlooked by them.

During the period of the epidemic prevention and control, Jiang Liuwei, who is in charge of the vehicle and household registration, was responsible for vehicle management of No. 516 Jungong Road Campus. He worked with his team members to arrange: 300 campus permits for teachers' vehicles, 300 temporary permits for all kinds of other vehicles during the period, made the reception list for visiting buses, and ensured that those vehicles without records cannot enter the school. Back in 2003. during SARS, Jiang Liuwei was also safeguarding the school. He was responsible for disinfection work in schools shortly after he assumed his post. "At that time, the leaders directed me to do it, but after the outbreak of this year's new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, according to the actual situation and my working experience, I sorted out what I thought was important and brainstormed other anti-virus ideas, and reported them to my superiors for reference,” said Jiang Liuwei.

Hua Xiang is the Head of Security Work of the Fuxing Road Campus. Since the beginning of Chinese New Year’s Eve, Hua Xiang has been on duty every day.  Guided by the leaders of the school, he got Fuxing Road Campus under might be called “close-off management” in an all-round way. He was responsible for: the temperature checks and identity verification for those that enter the school, the disinfection of the whole school in cooperation with the Logistics Department, and the solution to the catering challenges for the students in the school. As a guardian, he has a lasting relationship with the Fuxing Road Campus of 11 years and has seen it as his second home.

After the epidemic outbreak, these five guardians have undertaken the work of epidemic prevention and enacted the first defense line for the school. They are the epitome of what all front-line security persons should be at the school. At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic has reached a critical moment, and all the defenders are ready to rise to the challenge, resolutely guarding the USST campus, and building an iron-like defense line for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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